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the Competitive managing director MUP Enotaevsky group a waterpipe (OGRN/ 1073024000125/ 3003006045) Tutynin Sergey Valerevich (the organizer of the auctions) informs an INN on realisation of property of the debtor in the form of open auction (offers on the price are represented in the open form during tendering).

the Prize 1 : Water waters of Enotaevka GV - Vladimirovka (10 km), consisting of a pig-iron pipe in diameter of 200 mm, located in Enotaevsky area of the Astrakhan region. The initial price of sale: 546 350. The deposit - 109 270 rbl. an auction Step - 27 317,50 rbl. To participation in auction are supposed legal and the physical persons who in due time made an application and have paid the deposit. Legal bodies represent certified copies of constituent documents, certificates on the state registration, the document confirming powers of the head (representative) and other documents, established by the legislation; Physical persons - a copy of the passport and other documents established by the legislation. Requisites for deposit transfer: the Addressee: MUP the Enotaevsky group waterpipe an INN 3003006045, a check point 300301001, OGRN 1073024000125, r/ with 40702810905100101043 in the Astrakhan branch of the Savings Bank of Russia 8625, to/ with 30101810500000000602, BIK 041203602. The winner of the open auctions the participant of the auctions who have offered a ceiling price of property of the debtor admits. The operator of an electronic platform considers offers of participants of the auctions on the price of property of the debtor and defines the winner of the open auctions. Within five days from the date of report signing the competitive managing director directs to the winner of the auctions the offer to conclude the contract of purchase and sale of property with the appendix of the project of the given contract according to the presented winner of the auctions by the offer on the property price. In default or evasion of the winner of the auctions from signing of the given contract within five days from the date of reception of the specified offer of the competitive managing director, the brought deposit to it does not come back, and the competitive managing director has the right to suggest to conclude the contract of purchase and sale to the participant of the auctions to whom the highest price of property in comparison with the price of property offered by other participants of the auctions, except for the winner of the auctions is offered. Payment for got property is made by the winner of the auctions within thirty days from the date of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale. The remained payment is brought on the same r/ with on which the deposit has been earlier brought. Demands acceptance and deposit payment is made with 9. 00 08. 10. 2011 to 17. 00 03. 11. 2011 of the Demand move in the electronic form and subscribe elektronno - the digital signature for an electronic trading platform (ETP) 2 - Center placed in a network the Internet to www address. b2b - centre. ru. The beginning of auction 09. 11. 2011 in 14. 00. Auction is spent on ETP 2 - Center . The contact information t/ f. (8442 32 - 81 - 35, e - a mail: tutynin_s@mail. ru, the mailing address: 400005, Volgograd, and/ I 251.