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The Russian market decreases within 0,4 %, fixing profit

Trading session in the Russian stock market on Friday, on July, 8th, has begun with decrease in quotations of the majority “ blue counters “ despite as a whole neutral external background. The share auctions in Europe have come to the end on July, 7th with increase of leading indexes after session of the European central bank (ETSB) which has raised discount rate on 0,25 percentage points - to 1,5 %. The share auctions in the USA the day before also were closed by confident growth against macroeconomic news. The official price of oil Brent at electronic commodity exchange InterContinental Exchange Futures Europe (IÑE Futures Europe) following the results of the auctions has raised on July, 7th on 4,97 dollars and has made 118,59 dollars/ barr. The official price of oil WTI (Light Sweet) at urgent commodity exchange New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) following the results of the auctions has raised on July, 7th on 2,02 dollars and has made 98,67 dollars/ barr. The auctions on Friday passed in Asia with prevalence of a positive.

as of 12:30 Moscow time the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has lost 0,41 % and has fallen to 1733,42 points. The volume of the auctions on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange by specified time has made 13,9 mlrd rbl. RTS Index has decreased on 0,22 % - to 1972,48 points, index RTS Standard - on 0,31 % - to 11754,59 points. The total amount of the auctions in RTS has made 70,173 mlrd rbl., volume of the auctions by actions in RTS Standard - 3,370 mlrd rbl.

By 12:30 Moscow time the most liquid actions basically decreased. Papers “ Gazprom “ have lost 0,28 %, despite growth at opening. The concern can receive at China advance payment for future (in 2012 - 2015) Deliveries of gas at a rate of 40 mlrd dollars, repayment will occur within 30 years, the interest rate can make 6 % of the annual. According to an analyst of Gazprombank of Alexander Nazarov, the Chinese party can apply the scheme similar on used in contracts with “ Rosneft “ and “ Transneft “. As the expert reminds, China has given out to the Russian companies credits on 25 mlrd dollars Advance payment - the form more favourable to the Russian side, the analyst considers.

“ in our opinion, “ Gazprom “ does not need this money. Following the results of 2010ã. The indicator/ EBITDA the companies has made a pure debt nearby 0,6, and the general debt “ Gazprom “ - 43 mlrd the dollars, that is were the little more than the sum of prospective advance payment. Besides, at the moment “ Gazprom “ could find credit resources and at more attractive price “ - the analyst considers. Nevertheless, he marks, advance payment will allow “ to Gazprom “ refinansirovat a part of a current debt which has been involved under higher rates. Besides, in case of excess of investment expenses over an operational monetary stream “ to Gazprom “ it is not required to involve additional credit resources - the company for some years will provide itself in sufficient volume liquidities.

actions NOVATEKa have fallen in price on 0,70 %, VTB - on 0,87 %, the Savings Bank - on 0,88 %. Decrease was shown also by metallurgical sector. So actions “ Norilsk nickel “ have lost 0,85 % of cost, NLMK - 0,03 %, “ a Mechel “ - 0,56 %. An exception of steel RDR “ Rusala “ which have risen in price for 0,66 %, and “ a gold Pole “ (+0,80 %).

Papers of oil sector to the middle of the auctions bargained in the tideway of the general negative moods. So, LUKOIL stock quotes have decreased on 0,08 %, “ Rosneft “ - on 0,65 %, “ Surgutneftegaz “ - on 0,20 %, “ oil Gazprom “ - on 0,45 %, “ Transneft “ - on 0,70 %. And here actions “ Tatneft “ have risen in price for 1,13 %.

Analysts of the company “ Aton “ do not exclude that in first half of day world correctional moods can promote profit fixing in the Russian markets. “ in short term Russian market looks bought up, and at possibility players on increase will try to fix profit. The intermediate term spirit on growth thus does not lose the urgency “ - analysts summarised.

Data ADP about a situation on a labour market of the USA in a combination with left early indicators of American indexes PMI has turned representation of participants of the market developing in last weeks that the economy of the USA is sharply slowed down, as has poured out in rally in stock markets worldwide, the analyst of Bank of Moscow Yury Volov underlines. However, force of the American economy should confirm and the Friday official data from a labour market. If they also appear good, conquest of postcrisis maxima is represented more than probable, J.Volov considers.

during trading session of Thursday in the world markets has developed local peregretost that can lead to small sales on the threshold of an exit of the data with a labour market of the USA, analyst GK " considers; Alor “ Natalia Lesina. Expectations are positive, and data APD raises probability of realisation “ bull “ forecasts. The strong statistics can accelerate growth, even despite peregretost. The technical purpose of an index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange on - former is the mark of 1750 points. Support is level of 1730 points, the analyst considers.

analysts of Gazprombank believe that on Friday in the Russian market fixing is probable have arrived after essential growth the day before. Thus morning dynamics of indicators at foreign stock exchanges specified in some easing of optimistical moods. Next week the reporting season in the USA begins. According to forecasts, profits of the companies have grown on the average on 13 % for the accounting period. In this connection next week purchases of actions can renew with new force, experts believe.

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