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Capital movement: the Russian funds have fixed small inflow

For the week which has come to the end on Wednesday, on July, 6th, Russian stranovye funds have fixed small pure inflow of means at a rate of 14,4 million dollars At last as actively operated funds, and ETF, have represented itself as net - sources of investments, however scales privlecheny have appeared insignificant: 5,4 million dollars at classical funds and 9 million dollars at ETF, mark in Uralsib Kepital .

According to EPRF Global, on the week which has come to the end on July, 6th, inflow to funds of emerging markets has made 1364 million dollars whereas week before inflow has made 2467 million dollars

Considering insignificant volume of inflow of means for the Russian market past week, players, on - visible, have occupied a waiting attitude. In the meantime in a rating of preferences of the international investors on - former the Asian funds are in the lead, besides, it is necessary to note the changed for the better relation of participants of the market to funds EMEA outflow of means from which has practically stopped.

the data on the Russian funds specifies that investors did not begin to use a rebound of the Russian market for sale of the papers. Thus, at analysts Uralsib Kepital there were strong reasons to believe that the majority of investors which wanted to leave Russia, have already made it. For lack of serious external shocks experts expect inflow of new money to Russia that should give additional support to the market.

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