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The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has grown contrary to uncertain dynamics FTSE Russia

the Share auctions in Europe on Friday, on July, 8th, have opened not too expressive dynamics of leading indexes, however after two hours indicators have left downwards. To the middle of session they bargained in small plus on the threshold of an exit of key statistics on employment in the USA. At 16:30 Moscow time the country Ministry of Labour (United States Department of Labor) will publish the data about a rate of unemployment and quantity of new workplaces in economy for June 2011. The market waits for the report from the USA with relative optimism: it agree a consensus - to the forecast, the unemployment indicator remains on a mark of 9,1 %, but the number of workplaces in not agricultural branches will grow approximately on 100 thousand in comparison with increase at 54 thousand in May 2011.

the Enthusiasm of players restrains proceeding fears concerning debt crisis in an eurozone. Market rates under state bonds of the weakest countries of an eurozone (Greece, Portugal and Ireland) on Friday again grow that has caused decrease in stock quotes of leading banks of the Old World - large holders of the European state papers. In Paris actions of French Societe Generale as of 15:00 have fallen in price Moscow time from the beginning of day on 0,5 %, in London papers Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland decrease on 1 % and 2,3 %.

Actions of British publishing house Daily Mail & General Trust, publishing Sunday tabloid Mail on Sunday, have risen in price for 1,4 %, after the day before corporation News Corp. Declared closing of popular tabloid News of the World from - for scandal with listening of phones by its journalists.

As of 15:00 Moscow time the British index FTSE 100 has raised on 6,67 points (+0,11 %) - to 6061,22 points, German DAX has risen on 25,06 points (+0,34 %) - to 7496,5 points, and Swiss SMI has grown on 15,68 points (+0,25 %) and makes 6226,79 points. The French index CAC 40 has not changed and is in the meantime on a mark of 3980 points.

the industrial prices in Great Britain in June 2011. Have raised on 5,7 % in comparison with June 2010. The news service has informed On it referring to the report of National statistical bureau of Great Britain. Analysts expected growth of this indicator only on 5,5 %. In comparison with May 2011. The industrial prices in Great Britain for the past month have raised on 0,1 %.

Positive balance of trading balance of Germany in May 2011. Taking into account seasonal fluctuations in comparison with the last month has increased to 12,8 mlrd euro. On it has informed Federal statistical agency of Germany. Analysts predicted value of this indicator at level 12,2 mlrd euro. In April 2011. Proficiency of trading balance of Germany, under the reconsidered data, has made 11,9 mlrd euro taking into account seasonal correction. Earlier figure 12 mlrd euro was published.

without the seasonal amendment proficiency of trading balance of Germany in May 2011. Has made 14,8 mlrd euro. Volume of export of Germany in May 2011. (Taking into account seasonal and calendar factors) has made 89,5 mlrd euro, having raised in comparison with an indicator of the last month on 4,3 %. The import volume has increased by 3,7 % - to 76,7 mlrd euro.

the auctions Russian ADR on LSE on Friday have begun sharp decrease in quotations which was soon replaced by growth, and index FTSE Russia IOB tracing change of the prices Russian depozitarnyh of the receipts, has managed to win back the most part of losses. Then the indicator again decreased and grew up, and after three hours from the beginning of the auctions has fallen to a local minimum - 1097 points. Then the indicator has a little decreased and has continued movement in a lateral range. To the middle of day the index has again tried to grow up. Russian ADR by this time bargained with basically in red to a zone.

by 14:00 Moscow time following papers showed the greatest growth:

the Greatest decrease was shown by following papers:

Against the positive beginning of the auctions in Europe of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has shown growth. During first half of Friday session the indicator of the Russian market moved after FTSE Russia IOB. However to the middle of day of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange unlike an index of receipts has grown to a local maximum - 1743,79 points as of 15:21 Moscow time.

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