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The second echelon: to bulls to taste power

From 1 on July, 8th the auctions in the Russian share market passed in moderately ascending dynamics. Despite essential decrease in level of liquidity in the market, participants of the auctions were in optimistical mood. Movement of oil quotations in the world markets became the major factor which has predetermined dynamics of the auctions. Besides it important there was a macrostatistics published on leaving week in the USA. It is necessary to notice that the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index managed to update successfully a two-month maximum.

for the specified period the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown more than on 1 %, RTS index has shown similar rates of increase. Exchange indicators of the second echelon have shown similar dynamics. RTS - 2 has grown almost on 3 %, and Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange MS - hardly more than on 1,5 %.

Opening of trading session of Monday, on July, 4th, has taken place near to 1700 points on a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index. Not numerous buyers, in connection with the day off in the USA, could not show bright dynamics. Successful fastening by an index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange above a mark of 1700 points that has definitively specified in an optimistical spirit of the market became sign. Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange MS index for the first trading session has grown on 0,4 %.

Trading session on Tuesday, on July, 5th, from - for a neutral external background could not please players with bright dynamics of quotations. The maximum that the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index to level to 1720 points could - to rise but to be kept near to it to it it was not possible. The index of Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange MS following the results of session has grown on 0,5 %.

Trading session on Wednesday, on July, 6th, differed from the last exchange day a little. Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange MS index for trading session in the middle of the week has grown on 0,42 %.

Trading session on Thursday, on July, 7th, at the expense of positive dynamics in the American market, and also to a rise in prices for oil, at last, has put an end to languid lateral motion. The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index at the first o`clock of trading session could punch upwards a mark of 1730 points, and already to closing of trading session could rise above 1740 points. Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange MS index could add 0,78 %.

On Friday, on July, 8th, the auctions mainly passed near to 1740 points on a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index. A main objective bulls consisted in a gain of a mark of 1750 points. Sellers did everything to resist to ascending dynamics and in second half of day to them it it was possible: in the market small decrease in quotations was observed. Participants of the market were not ready to transfer the positions through the target. However the index of Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange MS has had not so strong losses, having kept the values hardly below levels of the previous closing.

actions of the second echelon showed mixed dynamics. In a consumer sector only papers the Magnet could show positive dynamics, they have grown on 2,77 %. Capitalisation Farmstandarta Has decreased on 2,2 %, Baltic - on 4,3 %.

As the senior analyst IK " marks; Tserih Kepital Management Victor Markov, current week well looked a consumer sector, better the market actions " looked; the Magnet . Shares of company have grown against dynamical development of a trading network recently, and also possible carrying out SPO in the end of the year. Following the results of January - May 2011. the Magnet has opened 308 shops. For last week the Magnet has opened three supermarkets - in Magnitogorsk, Georgievsk and Pavlovsk Posade. Thus the Magnet gain for five months has grown on 58 % - to 4,496 mlrd dollars In case of carrying out SPO at the rate about 500 million dollars, the Magnet can involve financial resources for development of a trading network, without raising debt loading.

in a segment of transport companies positive dynamics was observed: papers Aeroflot have added hardly more than 2 %, and NMTP have added in the price about 0,6 %.

In electropower sector the second week successively all emitters have finished the auctions by growth. But hardly worse the market papers OGK - 3 which price practically has not changed looked - quotations have grown on 0,02 %. Actions OGK - 5 for a week have grown on 4,14 %, Holding MRSK and Inter the Russian Open Society - on 6 % and 3,62 % accordingly.

mainly positive dynamics was observed in metallurgical sector. Only actions MMK could not grow in the price (- 0,8 %). Capitalisation TMK and a gold Pole has increased by 2,9 % and 2,4 % accordingly. Actions Raspadsky have appeared in leaders of growth, their price has grown more than on 8 %.

Quotations of developer group LSR have decreased on symbolical 0,1 %, Uralkalija have grown more than on 6 %.

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