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Technical cut: Open Society Mobile Telesystems

Open Society Mobile Telesystems - the Russian operator of cellular communication. MTS and affiliated companies have licences for granting of services of mobile communication of standard GSM - 900/ 1800 practically in all regions Russian Federations, and also in Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenia and in Ukraine. The company has the licence for rendering of services 3G in all territory of the Russian Federation. The basic shareholder of the company is holding AFK System (51 % of actions). MTS papers have risen in price on Thursday, on August, 7th, for 5,53 %. The growth driver began to consolidate intention of the parent company 100 % Skye of the Link and to transfer it under MTS control, thereby having given last competitive advantage before Vympelcom and the Megaphone in a segment of granting of services of mobile broadband access to the Internet. The given service brings a considerable share of profit of the operator of mobile communication. Let`s consider dynamics of papers of the company from the technical point of view:

From the beginning 2008. MTS quotations decrease within the limits of the channel (1 - 2), periodically undertaking attempts to leave for its limits. Stable decrease in capitalisation of the company hardly arranges management of the cellular operator, and new steps on strengthening of positions in competitive struggle against representatives the big three have been very positively apprehended by participants of the market. Therefore at bulls there are some days on, that to break through the top border of the channel (1) and to be fixed above a mark 285 rbl./ the action. That forces of buyers will run low already in the near future, indications ostsilljatora Stochastic which it is assured testify comes nearer to a critical zone perekuplennosti. If following the results of trading session on August, 8th essential movement of the price of MTS does not occur, the model " will be generated; harami (3) that will testify to intermediate term prospect of quotations to get stuck in a lateral range.

According to a consensus - to the forecast, MTS papers have potential of growth of 58,77 % that a little below market potential as a whole - 64,28 %. Argument in favour of investments into actions of the cellular operator is the probability of the beginning of growth a little before the market.

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