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Index Nikkei was closed in a minus on 2,2 %

Leading Japanese index Nikkei on closing of today`s trading session has made 9097,56 points, having gone down following the results of day on 2,18 %. Quotations have fallen after the international rating agency Standard and Poor`s (S &P) has lowered a sovereign credit rating of the USA to AA + from the highest mark AAA.
we Will remind, in the evening on August, 5th 2011. S &P has lowered a long-term credit rating of the USA to AA +, having appropriated it negative the forecast. In agency have specified that as the reason of decrease in a rating fears concerning growth of budgetary deficiency and a country state debt have served. Thus, for the first time in history the leading world economy has been deprived the higher credit rating.
on this background of the action of Japanese bank of Mitsubishi UFJ - the large holder of the American state papers - have gone down in the price for 2,6 %, papers of the Japanese exporter - the manufacturer of electronics Sony Corp. Have lost 2,7 % of cost against dollar easing in relation to yen.
Japanese Nikkei has continued to fall even after the statement of representatives of countries G7 that they are ready to undertake the actions directed on support of the markets.
at the same time actions in Japan have fallen in price not so strongly, as papers in other Asian markets. So, the Hong Kong index Hang Seng at the moment of closing of the auctions in Tokyo fell almost on 4 %, Shanghai Shanghai Composite - on 3,6 %, and South Korean KOSPI - on 3,8 %.
Following the results of the auctions on August, 8th 2011. Index Nikkei has gone down on 202,32 points (- 2,18 %) and has made 9097,56 points. A dollar exchange rate to yen has given for 0,87 yens in relation to a course of the last trading day also has reached on closing of the auctions of level of 77,77 yens/ dollars