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The Russian market has not stood aside from the general negative

the Auctions in the Russian market on Monday, on August, 8th, have opened falling of quotations. The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index in the session beginning has fallen on 2,7 % and as of 10:30 Moscow time has made 1544,19 points. The index of RTS from the beginning of trading session (10:00 Moscow time) has fallen more than to 3,67 % - to 1732,76 points. Index RTS Standard has decreased on 3,38 % - to 10385,76. The message which has appeared the day before that the international rating agency Standard and Poor`s (S &P) has lowered a long-term credit rating of the USA to level AA + became the reason of similar dynamics. The forecast on a rating negative . As analysts of agency have informed, the reason of decrease in a rating is covered in fears concerning growth of a budgeted deficit of the country. In their opinion, efficiency of the American policy in the field of the finance was weakened. Thus, for the first time in history the USA the credit rating of the country has been lowered. Earlier it was at level AAA that is an indicator of the higher degree of reliability of credit status of the country.

the share auctions in Europe have come to the end on August, 5th with decrease, Stock exchanges of actions of the USA on Friday were closed raznonapravlenno. In the morning on Monday futures for the American indexes lost more than 2 %. At the share auctions in Asia on Monday decrease was observed. The prices for oil following the results of session of Friday have raised. The official prices of the nearest futures have made: on ICE for mark Brent - 109,37 (+2,12) dollars/ barr., on NYMEX on mix WTI (Light Sweet) - 86,88 (+0,25) dollars/ barr. Thus in the morning on Monday of the price for oil futures Light Sweet and Brent have fallen more than to 3 dollars/ barr. As of 9:50 Moscow time the prices the contract on Light, Sweet Crude Oil (September) cost 83,50 (- 3,38), for the future on IPE Brent Crude (September) gave 105,93 (- 3,44). In the morning on Monday futures for gold were on a mark 1703,82 dollars/ ounce (+3,14 %).

As of 12:30 Moscow time the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has lost 1,68 %, having fallen to 1560,32 points. The volume of the auctions on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange by specified time has made 25,95 mlrd rbl. RTS Index has decreased on 2,29 % to 1757,60 points. Index RTS Standard has fallen on 1,69 % to 10567,28 points. The total amount of the auctions in RTS has made 223,651 mlrd rbl. Volume of the auctions by actions in RTS Standard has made 5,120 mlrd rbl.

By 12:30 Moscow time the most liquid actions decreased along with all the others. Papers Gazprom have lost 2,04 %, actions NOVATEKa have decreased on 1,81 %, Savings Bank actions have fallen in price on 1,74 %, VTB - on 1,09 %.

the Metallurgical sector also bargained in red to a zone. So actions Norilsk nickel have lost 1,03 %, a Mechel - 2,57 %, RDR Rusala - 3,82 %, MMK - 2,14 %, NLMK - 1,83 %, Severstal - 2,12 %.

the Unique exception of the general negative dynamics of a steel of the action of the gold mining companies, showing growth. Achievement by gold of the next historical maxima became the basis for purchases. So gold quotations at stock exchange COMEX on Monday have updated the historical maximum and for the first time have exceeded a price mark 1700 dollars/ ounce.

on this background to the middle of the auctions of the action a gold Pole have grown on 1,55 %, Polymetal - on 1,58 %, Lenzolota - on 1,05 %

To the middle of the auctions of the action of the oil companies bargained in the tideway of the general moods. So LUKOIL papers have fallen in price on 0,77 %, Rosneft - on 2,01 %, Surgutneftegaz - on 2,54 %, oil Gazprom - on 0,85 %, preference shares Transneft have lost 2,26 %. Actions Tatneft have fallen in price on 0,91 %.

Making comments on the situation which has developed on share platforms, analysts IK Veles the Capital notice that in spite of the fact that rating fall was quite expected by participants of the markets, this event only will strengthen anxiety on development of the American economy as will lead to growth of cost of loans. Experts expect fixing continuation in the Russian market on Monday on great volumes, experts summarised.

Taken place on Friday, on August, 5th, late at night fall of a credit rating of the USA by agency S &P though is not in the light of events of last weeks by obvious unexpectedness, all - taki hardly will add to the markets of a positive during the auctions of Monday, the analyst of Bank of Moscow Yury Volov considers. More positive news - about possibility of purchase of the Italian and Spanish bonds from party ETSB against actions S &P and in many respects in the world markets - while fades into the background of panic sales. However, the expert does not exclude that already during the day all will change also focus from current problems will be displaced on actions of regulators under their permission.

according to analysts Uralsib Kepital on Monday there is no sense to expect positive dynamics in the Russian market. At the same time they believe that within a week the American markets quite can get rid partly of fears, having responded to the measures accepted ETSB and FRS.

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