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The day review of the raw markets: oil bargains without uniform dynamics

Oil futures Light Sweet and Brent bargain on Thursday without a uniform tendency.


Quotations Brent continued to grow, leaning against driving factors of previous day while quotations Light Sweet gradually decreased from - for fixings of profit and technical sales.

as of 13:15 Moscow time the prices under transactions with oil futures made (dollars/ barr.) :

Light, Sweet Crude Oil (February) - 91,66 (- 0,20) at a range of quotations 91,63 - 92,16;

IPE Brent Crude (February) - 98,37 (+0,25) at a range of quotations 97,96 - 98,66.

the information on the further reduction of commercial stocks of crude oil in the USA and a stop of work of the Transaljaskinsky oil pipeline continues to render to the market Support. However risen for the last three days, to a maximum level for two years, the prices for oil on Thursday have considerably weakened demand for oil futures.

under the official information of the Department of Energy of the USA (United States Department of Energy), commercial stocks of crude oil in the country for last six weeks have decreased for 26,6 million barr. Including, following the results of the accounting week which have come to the end on January, 7th, commercial stocks of crude oil in the USA were reduced to 2,2 million barr. Also have made 333,1 million barr. - the lowest indicator for 11 months.

Since January, 9th oil prorolling on the Transaljaskinsky oil pipeline has fallen to 95 % from - for leakings of a pipe around an oil deposit of Pradho - Beat in the north of Alaska. For this reason shipments of oil from the terminal of port Valdiz in the south of Alaska through which the Western coast USA is provided with oil can soon stop. Repair of the oil pipeline which earlier daily provided prorolling about 630 thousand barr. Oil that made about 12 % of all made oil in the USA, can proceed till the end of current week.

the dollar on FOREX on Wednesday, on January, 12th, has a little won back the falling the day before, it also has a little weakened interest to commodity actives. The dollar however has risen in price is not so essential yet to cause active speculative sales of oil futures.

The day before oil at stock exchanges in New York and in London has risen in price the third consecutive time from the beginning of current week, and the prices for oil futures following the results of the auctions have updated on January, 12th the maximum values for the last more than two years, having raised for three trading days on the average on 4,7 %.

the Prices for oil futures Middle East Crude Oil at the Tokyo commodity exchange (“OCOM) on Thursday have changed slightly. So, with reference to active contracts of the price for oil futures have raised less than on 0,3 %. Including the price of the most active under transactions of the future (June) following the results of the auctions on January, 13th 2011„. On TOCOM the official has made 49,240 (+0,040) thousand yens for kilolitre (about 94,50 dollars/ barr.) Having raised for a day on 0,08 %.

the Price of the June contract was established in kontango concerning the price of contract Middle East Crude Oil for current calendar month, which on Thursday has made 48,930 (- 0,030) thousand yens/ kilolitre (about 93,91 dollars/ barr.) Having gone down for a day on 0,06 %.

Middle East Crude Oil, presented by a mix of oil marks Dubai and Oman, it is considered the price standard for the oil market of region of the Near East. On TOCOM futures Middle East Crude Oil bargain since September 2001„. The contract is settlement - physical delivery of oil under the future is not provided. Closing of positions is carried out upon termination of calendar month with calculation of a variation margin, proceeding from average for a month of the price of oil mix Middle East Crude Oil which will establish agency Platts.


In the cash market of precious metals in London the price spot gold with reference to its morning fixing (AM Fixing) the third day remains above 1380 dollars/ ounce successively. Price AM Fixing on gold on Thursday has officially made 1380,75 dollars/ ounce against 1383,50 dollars/ ounce the day before when it has reached a maximum for six trading days.

Price AM Fixing on gold in London has gone down concerning the value for the last trading day on 2,75 dollars/ ounce, or on 0,2 %. The gold price in London in chetvreg is corrected at the current prices of the urgent market. Now on electronic trading platform CME GLOBEX the current prices under transactions with futures for gold keep in a range 1380,4 - 1381,8 dollars/ ounce.

values of the prices of morning and evening fixings on gold in London for the last five trading days (dollars/ ounce) are more low resulted:

on January, 12th - 1383,50 (AM Fix), 1378,75 (PM Fix);
on January, 11th - 1381,00 (AM Fix), 1374,00 (PM Fix);
- on January, 10th - 1368,25 (AM Fix), 1368,25 (PM Fix);
- on January, 7th - 1358,00 (AM Fix), 1367,00 (PM Fix);
- on January, 6th - 1376,00 (AM Fix), 1368,50 (PM Fix).

Price AM Fixing in eurozone currency, on Thursday in London, has officially made 1050,240 euros/ ounce - the lowest indicator after January, 7th. The factor of the relation of the price of gold in US dollars to its price in euro on Thursday, on January, 13th, has made 1,3147 against 1,3031 trading day before (on January, 12th).

At the price of Thursday AM Fixing on gold in London the registration price of gold for accounting in the credit organisations of the Russian Federation which daily (on the working days) is established by Bank of Russia in roubles for gramme will be defined. On predesigns, the price of gold which on Thursday will establish Bank of Russia, can make 1335,88 rbl./ gramme.

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