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The Russian market: rouble strengthening has deduced RTS index in plus

On Thursday, on January, 13th, the Russian stock market has tried to continue lifting upwards. Partly it udalost - against an exit on new heights of the American indexes and the prices for oil multimonthly maxima have been updated. But rapid growth this time it has not turned out, as the news background has considerably worsened. In - the first, in Asia revision of base discount rates has begun. One of the first on it South Korea has gone, its Central Bank has lifted the rate on 0,25 items of the item - to 2,75 %. In the afternoon the international rating agency Moody`s has threatened the USA, Germany, France and Great Britain that will take away from them the higher credit rating AAA if they do not take state expenses under control. And along toward evening the disappointing macroeconomic statistics of the USA which have specified in sharp growth of primary references behind the unemployment benefit has been published. Insignificant reduction of deficiency of trading balance in November level this negative, of course, could not, and the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has fallen to a mark of 1750 points. RTS index managed to be kept in plus thanks to the next coil of easing of dollar concerning rouble.

following the results of trading session on January, 13th the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has gone down on 0,55 % - to 1749,75 points, RTS has risen on 0,49 % and has reached a point 1878,14 points. The volume of the auctions by actions on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has made 72,05 mlrd rbl. Total amount of the auctions in all markets of RTS has reached 167,1 mlrd rbl. From them volume of the auctions by actions in RTS Standard following the results of day has made 17,3 mlrd rbl.

In leaders of growth on Thursday there was a bank branch, but the basic contribution to a gain of a branch index has brought launch of capitalisation of Bank of Moscow on 6,75 %. On Thursday there was an information that the Italian group UniCredit applies for a privatised package of capital bank now not only VTB, but also. Investors consider that interest from one of leading European bank groups is the proof of investment appeal of Bank of Moscow even after Yury Luzhkov`s resignation. VTB to increase of the recommendation from experts Citigroup has not reacted yet and has lost 1,19 % of capitalisation. Kept for the reached levels Rosbank (- 0,08 %) and the Savings Bank (+0,21 %) more confidently.

One more news to which the Bank of Moscow has the indirect relation, began to spend decision CHTPZ placing of actions at the London stock exchange. New and already existing actions will be offered investors, and the Bank of Moscow is one of soorganizatorov placings. Players have reacted to decision CHTPZ positively, and capitalisation of the manufacturer has grown on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange on 1,93 %. Other metallurgists have appeared are not so successful. Again has started to lose price GMK Norilsk nickel (- 1,32 %), have fallen also quotations Severstal (- 0,26 %), MMK (- 1,6 %), TMK (- 0,89 %) and NLMK (- 1,47 %).

In oil and gas branch LUKOIL papers were allocated, they managed to rise in price for 1,49 % against the market. On Thursday has passed meeting of board of directors NK on which it has been declared small reduction of volumes of oil recovery in 2010. - on 1 %, and a small increment of stocks of hydrocarbons - on 123 million t conditional fuel. Other representatives of branch have got under pressure bears including preference shares Transneft fallen in price on 1,64 %. Thus actions of the petrowire giant can be supported the next months as the Federal Agency of tariffs intends to return to consideration of a question on increase of tariffs for the company in April - May 2011.

Growth manufacturers of mineral fertilizers " have finished day; Silvinit (+0,74 %) and Uralkaly (+1,82 %). The conclusion the Belarus potash company (the joint trader of production " became an occasion to optimism; Uralkalija and Belaruskalija ) The contract on delivery of chloride potassium to China on 400 dollars/ t. Besides, fair estimations Russian kalijshchikov experts " have raised; Alpha bank : to 38,38 dollars/ the action for Uralkalija and to 1024 dollars/ the action for Silvinita .

On Thursday the Russian market had few chances to continue rally as the external news background did not promote such succession of events. However and high-grade descending correction has not occurred - players dump only separate papers, keeping positions in perspective emitters - the Savings Bank, LUKOIL, Rosneft and, of course, manufacturers of mineral fertilizers. Participants of the auctions wait obshcherynochnoj for correction downwards in second half of January, and on Friday, on January, 14th, careful players, seemingly, will continue to cover long positions.

analysts make following recommendations about actions of the leading Russian companies:

Bank VTB: to hold
Gazprom: to accumulate
LUKOIL: to accumulate
MTS: to buy
Norilsk nickel: to accumulate
NK Rosneft: to accumulate
the Savings Bank of Russia: to buy
Surgutneftegaz: to hold

Recommendations are made on the basis of annual a consensus - forecasts targetov the investment companies presented in a product Forecasts of the prices of actions .

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