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Head ETSB: Inflation in an eurozone temporarily remains above target 2 %

the Head of the European Central bank (ETSB) Jean - Claude Trishe on Thursday, on January, 13th, has warned that the rate of inflation in an eurozone on an extent even remains several months above a target lath in 2 %. Head ETSB also has urged heads of the European governments to take measures on struggle against the debt crisis extending on an eurozone, informs Associated Press.

in December 2010. Inflation in an eurozone has made 2,3 % that is the highest indicator in the last two days. Under statement ZH - K.Trishe, the principal cause of it is rise in prices for power resources. He also has noticed that inflation can increase, before will return on level below 2 %.

President ETSB has underlined that economic growth in an eurozone remains stable, however there are also some risks connected with uncertainty of an economic situation in the future.

Now the governments of the countries of an eurozone convince investors of the ability independently to cope with crisis without excessive lifting of interest rates. Auctions on sales of state bonds, the past the day before in Portugal and today in Spain and Italy, have shown that the financial help, like Greece and Ireland yet is not required to these countries.

we will remind, earlier on Thursday ETSB, despite inflation growth, has left discount rate without changes - at level of 1 %. It has coincided with forecasts of analysts. Base rate ETSB is at invariable level in 1 % more year. Analysts do not expect change of monetary course ETSB at least to the middle 2011. Besides, the Bank of England also has not changed base discount rate - it remained on the lowest in the history level in 0,5 % annual. This decision also has not dispersed from forecasts of experts.