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The market of rouble bonds bargains on low turns

On Thursday, on January, 13th, the volume of the reference of the majority of releases continued to remain low. In comparison with the previous trading session hardly the volume of the auctions of federal loan bond has increased: have passed transactions in seven releases, but practically without change of quotations.

as a result, according to FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange, index CBI CP on the end of trading session has decreased on 0,01 items of the item and has made 94,9 points. The index of municipal bonds MBI CP has grown on 0,07 items of the item and has made 99,32 points. Index RGBI on the end of trading session has made 130,75 points (+0,13 items of the item) .

the Situation in the monetary market practically has not changed. On the beginning of operational day on January, 13th the rests of means of the credit organisations on correspondent accounts in Bank of Russia (including the rests of means on ORTSB) as a whole across the Russian Federation have made 712,8 mlrd rbl., including means for correspondent accounts on the Moscow region - 490,5 mlrd rbl. Thus the rests of money resources of the credit organisations on depositary bank accounts of Russia for January, 13th 2011. Made 990,4 mlrd rbl. On the beginning of operational day on January, 13th 2011. The positive balance of operations of Bank of Russia on maintenance of rouble liquidity has made 346,6 mlrd rbl.

Experts NB the Trust mark demand for credit risk of the metallurgical companies. Short Severstal BO - 1 has grown up on 1. 2 items of the item, Sibmetinvest - more than on 1 items of the item have most grown quotations of release of TMK BO - 1 which, despite pereotsenennost, has typed 1. 5 items of the item Demand for bonds ALROSy and restoration doprazdnichnyh levels under bonds " have been noted; TKS - bank .

On FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange auction on placing beskuponnyh short-term OBR 17 - go release in volume 500 mlrd rbl. On materials of Bank of Russia has taken place, the demand volume has face value made 8 776,20 million rbl. demand Volume at market cost has made 8 mlrd 674,48 million rbl. the Placed volume of release face value has made 3 mlrd 757,66 million rbl. Volume of the involved means - 3 mlrd 726,23 million rbl. the Average price of release has made 99,164 % from face value, the price of cutting off of release - 99,135 %. Profitableness at the average price has made 3,38 % annual, at the price of cutting off - 3,50 % annual. Date of repayment of bonds - on April, 15th 2011. The Face-value of one security makes 1000 rbl.

Till the end of current week analysts NB the Trust do not wait for active trade in the secondary market. From - that many players have not returned yet from vacation, the market, most likely, will prefer not to do sharp movements. News of the primary market, most likely, will start to appear also next week.

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