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ADR have shown decrease in quotations

Following the results of trading session of Thursday, on February, 12th, ADR the Russian companies have shown decrease in quotations. The share auctions in Europe on Thursday were closed by decrease in leading indexes. Following the results of the auctions the British index FTSE 100 has fallen on 0,76 %. The World prices for oil have changed raznonapravlenno.

Papers of the oil companies were under pressure “ bears “ against the statement of the Minister of Energy of Russia Sergey Shmatko that oil recovery in Russia to 2013γ. Will decrease to 450 million tons. In 2008γ. Oil recovery in Russia has made 488 million tons. On this background of a paper “ oil Gazprom “ have fallen in price on 0,9 %, NOVATEKa - on 8,56 %, “ Rosneft “ - on 3,8 %, “ Surgutneftegaz “ - on 1,54 %, LUKOIL - on 3,66 %. Receipts “ Tatneft “ have grown on 1,76 %.

Papers “ Gazprom “ Continued to decrease and following the results of session in London have fallen in price on 1,78 %.

On the threshold of dopemissii actions bank VTB has started to struggle aggressively with costs. In particular in IV quarter 2008γ. The bank has reduced incomes a top - management in 7 times in comparison with the last quarter. (For example, head Citigroup Inc. Vikram Pandit has declared that will work for 1 dollars a year until the bank will not start to get profit). Bank VTB papers have grown following the results of session on 1,48 %.

“ Polymetal “ has informed that will not pay dividends following the results of 2008γ. The company also did not pay dividends in 2007 and 2006γγ. On this background of the receipt of the extracting company have fallen in price on 4,45 %. Fell a paper and other companies of branch. GDR “ a gold pole “ have fallen in price in London on 17,07 %, GMK “ Norilsk nickel “ - on 3,44 %.

After active growth in metallurgical sector also has begun profit fixing. So, papers “ Severstal “ have fallen in price on 6,89 %, NLMK - on 5,86 %, MMK - on 8,57 %, “ a Mechel “ - on 4,35 %, Evraz group - on 6,08 %.

On Thursday among domestic papers correction was observed. Active growth was replaced active to sales. On the other hand, it is necessary to notice huge volumes of the auctions that testifies to inflow of the new capital to the Russian papers. However on Friday falling of domestic papers, possibly, will proceed against the publication of indicators of gross national product in an euro zone in IV quarter. At the same time with the beginning of new week growth can renew as reaction to a technical rebound upwards the western platforms.

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