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Premarket: the external background moderately positive

the External background to start the auctions in the Russian market on Friday, on February, 13th, is moderately positive. The day before indexes in the USA have shown raznonapravlennuju dynamics, on Friday growth of futures for indexes which was supported by players on the Asian platforms has begun. Cost of oil futures has the day before changed raznonapravlenno.

the Russian market

Following the results of the auctions on February, 12th the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has decreased on 5,0 % - to 690,34 points, a classical index of RTS - on 1,47 % - to 611,45 points. Volumes of the auctions have made: on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - 48,67 mlrd rbl., in the classical market of RTS - 8,43 million dollars

the External background

the Share auctions in Europe were closed on February, 12th by decrease in leading indexes. Following the results of the auctions the British index FTSE 100 has fallen on 32,02 points (- 0,76 %) - to 4202,24 points, German DAX - on 122,53 points (- 2,70 %) - to 4407,56 points, French CAC 40 - on 63,38 points (- 2,09 %) - to 2964,34 points, Swiss SMI - on 17,10 points (- 0,33 %) - to 5106,67 points, Amsterdam AEX has gone down on 5,01 points (- 1,98 %) - to 248,27 points. The all-European index blue counters FTSEurofirst 300 following the results of the auctions has decreased and has made 791,26 points.

the share auctions in the USA were closed on February, 12th raznonapravlennym by change of the basic indexes. Following the results of the auctions index Dow Jones has decreased on 6,77 points (- 0,09 %) - to 7932,76 points. Index NASDAQ has raised on 11,21 points (+0,73 %) - to 1541,71 points, and index S & P - on 1,45 points (+0,17 %) - to 835,19 points.

the share auctions in Asia show on February, 13th positive dynamics. The auctions in Japan were closed by growth of index Nikkei on 0,96 %. At 9:30 Moscow time Hong Kong Straits Times has grown on 1,21 %, Hang Seng - on 1,78 %.


Evening session of the future for an index of RTS of the next month of delivery has the day before come to the end on a mark 59505 points (- 0,68 %).

Futures for the American index S & P on February, 13th at 9:30 Moscow time bargain with increase on 0,02 %, NASDAQ - on 0,54 %.


the Prices of the world market of oil following the results of 12 at commodity exchanges have changed February raznonapravlenno. The official prices of oil futures of the next month of delivery have made: on ICE on oil of mark IPE Brent Crude - 44,65 (+0,37) dollars/ barr.; on NYME Light Sweet Crude Oil - 33,98 (- 1,96) dollars/ barr.


On Friday at 9:30 Moscow time futures for gold bargain on a mark 940,65 (- 0,57 %) dollars/ ounce.

the Official prices for nickel of immediate delivery to closing on LME have made on February, 12th 10135 (- 3,93 %) dollars/ ton.

the Rests of means on correspondent accounts of the credit organisations on the beginning of operational day have made on February, 13th liquidity: across the Russian Federation - 411,2 mlrd rbl.; on the Moscow region - 259,4 mlrd rbl.


The day before at the auctions in London ADR of the Russian companies have shown decrease in quotations.

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