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To growth of actions a gold Pole the offer response

On Friday, on February, 13th can promote, on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange growth almost on 9,5 % is shown by actions a gold Pole . Most likely, current increase of papers is correctional after considerable falling the day before.

Analysts of the company Aton notice that, despite a considerable rise in prices for gold and news about probable end of the conflict of shareholders in the Pole gold actions of this company have shown landslide falling on the Russian and western platforms. So, on the action Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange Poles have lost about 14 %, on LSE depozitarnye company receipts have given on 17,07 %. the Reason of considerable decrease attempt of several investment companies began to place at once 10 % of actions Poles on LSE. Actions a gold Pole under the offer were offered from 20 % - nym by discount. According to the sources close to the company, in the end of day the offer has been withdrawn. To whom from shareholders a gold Pole belonged 10 % - nyj a share holding exposed on sale, remains to unknown persons - experts of the company " have underlined; Aton .

As the senior analyst " notices; Alpha bank Angelika Genkel, not taken place sale of actions a gold Pole with discount in 20 % on LSE became the reason of reduction owing to falling of quotations in home market of capitalisation of the company approximately on the same size.

experts Atona do not consider that the exposed actions belonged to large minority shareholders of the company (foreign investment funds) as the possible fast resolution of conflict of shareholders should to be apprehended, on the contrary, them positively. most likely, the exposed share holding a gold Pole Belonged to Vladimir Potanin. We believe that if the offer is really withdrawn, actions a gold Pole on Friday should start to restore the lost positions - analysts of the company " have concluded; Aton .

Experts UniCredit Securities do not exclude probability of that shareholders a gold Pole again will expose the package on sale, but thus experts underline appeal of shares of company. the market on - former does not consider in the prices acquisition the Pole gold KazakhGold which should allow to increase manufacture in 2010. On 500 - 600 thousand ounces, to 2 million ounces. The price for gold continues to grow, and the record increase in unit M1 in the USA is capable to cause its further increase in short-term prospect. Besides, the Pole gold Can continue consolidation of gold mining actives, and the declared repayment of actions from the market can be a signal about preparation of new acquisition. And at last, the conflict of shareholders can be settled after sale of 35 % belonging to it by V.Potanin of actions to Michael Prokhorov Sulejmanu Kerimovu`s partner, planned, according to the press, the next Monday - experts UniCredit Securities underline.

Analysts of Bank of Moscow consider that the most probable seller of so large share holding Poles could be Interros under the informal data of owning 35 % of the shares of company, however not carrying out over it of operative control. earlier it was informed that the potential buyer of a package Interros in the gold mining company there could be S.Kerimov. In a case if this transaction has broken and Interros Will try to realise in full or in part the actions in the market, company papers for long time can appear under serious pressure - experts of Bank of Moscow have noted. Also they underline that actions a gold Pole the day before, despite a rise in prices for gold, have fallen to the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange on 20 % that, probably, directly it is connected with not taken place placing. sale possibility in the market of a large share holding of the company one of its key shareholders, in our opinion, will be a serious negative for papers a gold Pole and further - analysts of Bank of Moscow summarised.
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