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Eurobonds: the technical factor will keep the market from decrease

At the auctions by sovereign eurobonds on Thursday, on February, 12th, sales prevailed. Profitableness of release Russia - 30 has grown to 9,03 % (+20. The item) Russia - 28 - on 11. The item, to 9,34 %. The spread between Russia - 30 and UST - 10 would extend on 20. The item, to 624. Items, mark in Promsvjazbanke.

According to analyst NOMOS - Olga Efremovoj`s bank, an additional occasion to reduction of positions to separate participants quite could become a time - a miss the declared Central Bank concerning transactions REPO with Russia - 30 for the period till April, 6th 2009.

the Similar situation developed in corporate sector. By estimations of experts IK the Three Dialogue bank papers receded under the pressure of sellers: releases of Rosselhozbanka 16, have lost 17 and 18 series in the price approximately on 1 items of the item, and the Savings Bank - 11 and the Savings Bank - 13 have fallen in price to 93,375 and 83,625 accordingly. Besides, the majority of oil and metallurgical bonds suffered from the offer. The exception was made only by a number of bonds of telecommunication sector where on - former the essential stock of cost and possibility for narrowing of spreads remains.

experts of Bank of Moscow expect that similar dynamics will proceed in the end of current week as the basic catalyst of sales is sharp strengthening of rouble last three days against notable perekuplennosti the Russian bonds in currency for past month - ones and a half. Influence of external factors on the market of the Russian eurobonds in the present can be estimated as limited.

according to analysts of Promsvjazbanka keep the market from decrease the technical factor connected with the narrow list of papers of highly reliable emitters can only. In turn analysts recommend to investors to pay attention to the underestimated rouble eurobonds.
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