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Oil industry workers counted on bolshee

On Thursday, on February, 12th, the prime minister - the minister of the government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has held exit meeting concerning a condition and to problems of development of oil branch of the Russian Federation with participation vitse - prime ministers Igor Sechina and Alexey Kudrin, Minister of Energy Sergey Shmatko, a management of the oil and gas companies and “ Gazprom “.

According to S.Shmatko, an oil extracting gain to 2013γ. Will make 155 million tons, as a result total amount of the oil extracted in the Russian Federation, will reach 511 million tons a year. The minister has specified that simultaneously Ministry for the Power Generating Industry expects completion of annual deficiency of investments into branch at a rate of 2,8 mlrd rbl. “ the multiplicate effect Will be started, and thus we will provide a gain of budgetary deductions “ - the minister has told. However in 2009γ. The general deficiency of investments into oil branch of the Russian Federation will exceed 200 mlrd rbl. that will not allow to start the full-scale decision of the problems put before branch. With 2010γ. Deficiency of investment resources can make 500 - 600 mlrd rbl. the Minister has added that “ existing fiscal loading does working out of 36 % of the reconnoitered stocks and 93 % of new deposits neobathed “.

V.Putin has suggested to develop special model of the taxation for new oil and gas deposits. Such model should be based on real results of economic activities. The prime minister has explained that the model of the taxation which should be developed for new deposits, urged to stimulate rational using bowels and application of the most modern technologies of extraction. Thus, the prime minister has underlined, it is necessary to keep simplicity of administration of the taxation of deposits.

V.Putin has supported idea of time decrease in export duties on the oil extracted on new deposits in Eastern Siberia. Right now, the prime minister has noted, deposits are entered into commercial operation in Eastern Siberia, and their developers ask the government to keep development of extraction at the expense of decrease in duties. “ I consider possible them to support “ - V.Putin has declared.

S.Shmatko considers that export duties on oil extracted in Eastern Siberia should be nulled for a period of three years. The corresponding decision can be developed and it is accepted within two months, but “ essentially it is accepted “. “ We need to issue it as a concrete measure “ - has specified S.Shmatko. The question on zeroing of export duties on oil for Eastern Siberia and the Far East is discussed among other measures directed on stimulation of inflow of investments into oil extracting in this region.

the prime minister - the minister has charged Ministry for the Power Generating Industry to work in addition a question on alignment of export duties on light and dark oil products. Thus it has reacted to the department offer to balance these duties since 2012γ. “ It is necessary to make so that to avoid casing (dark oil products) “ - V.Putin has told. Thus the prime minister has underlined that in case of alignment of duties export of dark oil products can sharply decrease.

a Department of Energy 2 - 3 months will present the concept of creation of a strategic reserve of oil and gas deposits to the nearest, has informed S.Shmatko. “ we spoke about possibility of formation of the federal list of deposits, about creation of technical structures in the form of parks for raw materials storage, and in the nearest 2 - 3 months we with the definitive concept leave in the government “ - the minister has told. He has added that now the question is in enough high degree of study.

as to a question of creation of strategic reserves of oil, in the government of the Russian Federation, according to V.Putin, the common opinion is not present. The prime minister also has declared necessity of development of some concrete actions which will allow the Russian exchange platforms trading in oil and oil products, to earn at the full capacity. “ first of all I mean measures of provision of economic incentives of manufacturers to an exit on a stock exchange “ - V.Putin has explained. In its opinion, this question is necessary for solving within a year.

as analysts FK " have noted; Uralsib “ words of the prime minister became a cold shower for the oil industry workers, dispelled hopes of serious changes in the branch taxation. The state is ready to make too little from this that oil industry workers asked, therefore influence of these action on an estimation of papers will be minimum. “ we estimate the given news as neutral or even negative as she does not specify in any preconditions for increase of profitableness of the oil companies “ - experts have explained. Besides, the result of a meeting almost does not leave hopes of the further progress in the field of the taxation of the oil companies. Shortage of investments will brake development of Eastern Siberia and will not allow to prepare in due time new deposits for working out. Experts also are afraid that some projects in Russia can be not begun in general.

Analyst IB “ the WHALE of Finans “ Konstantin Tcherepanov is assured that discussion about necessity of support of oil branch is positive news to the oil companies. Zeroing of export duties for deposits of Eastern Siberia will suit first of all “ Rosneft “ (develops in Eastern Siberia the Vankorsky deposit and owns licences for deposits of Jurubcheno - the Tohomsky zone, and also 26 % of the Verhnechonsky deposit), “ to Surgutneftegaz “ (Develops the Talakansky deposit and additional licence sites) and the multinational corporation - BP (the Verhnechonsky deposit). According to K.Tcherepanov, the given decision will allow “ Rosneft “ to save 3,3 mlrd dollars after profit tax payment in 2010 - 2013γγ., economy “ Surgutneftegaz “ will make 1,4 mlrd dollars, the multinational corporation - BP - 0,8 mlrd dollars proceeding from the price for oil of mark Urals 60 dollars/ barr.

According to an analyst of Bank of Moscow of Sergey Vahrameeva, the government will not go on scale privileges for the oil companies as the federal budget essentially depends on oil and gas incomes which at the moment with falling of the prices for oil were strongly reduced. As the expert though the oil companies expected more essential privileges believes, the given news is moderately positive for branch as the government all - taki has decided to null temporarily the export duty for the East Siberian oil, and also pays attention to problems of branch and goes on some concessions.

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