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Forecasts of analysts: to expect High-grade growth prematurely

Forthcoming week in the Russian stock market will check up on durability of force bulls . In spite of the fact that last days indexes of the Russian Federation moved upwards, not in view of a negative in foreign markets, such situation cannot long remain. Proceeding strengthening of a rouble exchange rate promotes purchases, however this factor can fade into the background, considers a number of experts. Others, on the contrary, look at the market with optimism and are assured that positive moods at least in short-term prospect can remain.

analyst VTB 24 Stanislav Kleshchev reminds that on days off the meeting of heads of the central banks and Ministers of Finance of the countries " will take place; G8 . Though on it acceptance of any strategic decisions is not expected, reaction of the currency markets to this event can be rather unexpected, the expert believes. At the same time the greatest fears cause the data leaving on Monday in it about gross national product of Japan for IV quarter 2008. They are expected simply failure (a consensus - the forecast of analysts makes - 11,6 %) and hardly they will be won back positively on the Asian platforms in the beginning of the next week. so, and the external background before opening of the auctions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange will be corresponding - summarised S.Kleshchev.

the chief of analytical management of YOKES Aton Vyacheslav Bunkov also tends to opinion that next week it will be difficult to Russian share market to continue growth for some reasons. In - the first, scale tax payments so, rouble liquidity which constantly flows from the currency market on share and back, can go now on tax payments are planned. Accordingly, high turns of the auctions at stock exchanges already can and not to be. Besides, it is time to players to fix profit. The beginning of fixing of profit in the global markets where all expected plans have already been accepted can appear the additional negative factor. as any events which could inspire optimism to investors on the American platforms next week, will not be, we expect that stock markets will go downwards, both foreign, and Russian - V.Bunkov has underlined.

the Director of analytical department of company NetTrader Andrey Vernikov is more optimistical and considers that next week the market remains strong, aimed at growth to level of 790 points on a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index. the whole set of factors specifies that the short-term growing trend on the Russian share platforms, possibly, will proceed. While we can expect only a wave of short-term increase, probably, to an exit of a new series of quarter macrostatistics, and also reports of the leading financial companies of the world following the results of I quarter 2009. - the expert has noted. As he said, from - for the low prices for oil this week in leaders of growth among liquid papers there were not oil actions (such as the Savings Bank and MTS). Next week the situation can change and investors will pay attention to papers of oil and gas sector. indirectly in it specifies growth of stock quotes Surgutneftegaz current week is a paper which in most cases grows with an advancing to other neftjanke . Are interesting to short-term purchase and the action Gazprom their short-term objective of growth 136 - 140 rbl. is not reached. As to actions of the Savings Bank, which we recommended to buy last Friday to get them already late - in the near future to bulls it will not be possible to overcome from running start strong level of resistance 19,8 - 20 rbl./ the action - A.Vernikov speaks.
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