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“ Polymetal “ will concentrate on transactions M &A

“ Polymetal “ plans to let out dopemissiju 7,5 million actions (about 2,4 % from all released actions) for financing of purchase of a deposit of silver of Goltsovoe. It declared the general director of the company Vitaly Nesis. As he said, in 2009γ. “ Polymetal “ plans to concentrate on acquisition of perspective actives - the company has already made shorts - sheet of five actives for potential purchase. For transactions M &A “ to Polymetal “ money resources, therefore the company are necessary will not pay dividends for 2008γ.

Dopemissija is the negative moment for present shareholders of the company, the analyst of the company " considers; Aton “ Olga Mitrofanova. The expert expects that in the near future papers “ Polymetal “ will be under pressure. News about purchase of the new actives can become the driver for the further growth of quotations of the company, according to an analyst, opening details - that will be bought and at what price.

the decision “ Polymetal “ not to pay dividends for 2008γ. Analysts FK “ Uralsib “ name “ rational “. “ We consider, the decision to keep money resources rational and expedient in uncertainty when it is necessary to support strong balance indicators. Moreover, the company can get actives if such possibility is presented “ - experts speak.

in their opinion, “ Polymetal “ hardly probable begins to get the large companies, such, for example, as KazakhGold, however acquisition of projects of the average size or licences (especially if they provide a synergy with actives “ Polymetal “) This year it is quite possible.

according to analysts “ Uralsiba “ the message on nonpayment “ Polymetal “ dividends following the results of 2008γ. Did not become a surprise. Experts consider it “ moderately negative “ however do not expect from it considerable influence on company stock quotes, especially in conditions when the credit markets are almost closed also many Russian enterprises have no money resources for financing of projects, not to mention spare cash for payment of dividends. “ in our opinion, circumstance that during the current year at “ Polymetal “ there is a growth and development possibility, should add to investors of optimism concerning the company “ - experts speak. They notice that this year macroeconomic conditions, in particular easing of rouble and rise in prices for gold, favour “ to Polymetal “.

In view of that on 2008 - 2009γγ. The company has planned the big program of capital expenses of analytics of Bank of Moscow predict that a free monetary stream “ Polymetal “ for this period will be negative. Shareholders, most likely, can receive the first dividends not earlier 2010γ., experts believe.

the message on the management decision to let out dopemissiju began the negative moment, as they said. Analysts consider that occurrence of the possible offer in the size making about 2,3 % of an authorised capital stock, or about 9 % free float the companies, is not the best news to quotations “ Polymetal “.

Mestorozhdenie Goltsovoe is located in 575 km from Magadan. The average maintenance of silver in deposit ores makes 895,3 g/ t, thus stocks of silver and a silver equivalent, under the international standards JORC, are estimated in 78 million ounces.

Open Society “ Polymetal “ it is created in 1998γ. The company owns nine licences for deposits of precious metals and the search areas. As a whole on holding the general stocks of precious metals are estimated in 19,7 thousand t silver and 144 t gold.
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