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The Russian market: a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index again above 700 points

On Friday, on February, 13th, the auctions in the domestic share market have opened gepom upwards. Growth proceeded in till the end of session. Players have optimistically concerned to raznonapravlennomu to closing in the USA and to growth of futures for indexes. But the basic movement of actions upwards, has occurred at opening, and during session players reformed portfolios. Volumes of the auctions have considerably decreased, however it has not prevented indexes to grow up considerably.

the data arriving from Europe was the basic idea on Friday. Even before session opening in Russia indicators of gross national product of Germany have been published. The data testifies about maximum for last 22 years gross national product falling. In IV quarter 2008ã. Country gross national product has decreased on 2,1 % though analysts expected decrease on 1,8 %. In IV quarter 2008ã. Gross national product of a zone of euro also has record-breaking decreased, however level 13 - summer prescription has not been beaten. Region gross national product has fallen to 1,5 % concerning the last quarter whereas analysts predicted reduction on 1,3 %. But despite expectations of analysts, the market put in current quotations still bole pessimistic forecasts, and the left data only has urged on demand.

following the results of the auctions on February, 13th the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown on 6,07 % - to 732,21 points, a classical index of RTS - on 2,09 % - to 624,21 points. Volumes of the auctions have made: on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - 31,8 mlrd rbl., in the classical market of RTS - 12,4 million dollars

the Prices for oil on Friday from the beginning of the auctions essentially have not changed and kept in a narrow range. Positive dynamics of the prices of futures Light Sweet has been caused by technical purchases after for the previous five sessions the price has fallen to 7,19 dollars, or on 17,5 %, and as of February, 12th was established at the lowest level almost for two weeks. Growth of quotations Light Sweet was promoted in addition by approach three-day uik - enda in the USA in connection with the day off in the country on February, 16th and absence of the auctions on NYMEX. On February, 16th in the USA Day of the president is celebrated. At the same time negative price dynamics on IÑE Futures Europe has been caused by the beginning of the contract period on April, from - for what the price of oil Brent has the day before raised on 3 %.

In papers of the oil and gas companies purchases prevailed. Actions NOVATEKa have risen in price for 3,63 %, “ Tatneft “ - on 7,94 %, “ Rosneft “ - on 7,86 %, “ Surgutneftegaz “ - on 8,86 %.

“ Gazprom oil “ has informed that in 2008ã. Oil recovery in comparison with 2007ã. Has fallen to 5,8 % - to 30,77 million tons. From them for export the company has directed 17,6 million tons of oil. However the message on increase in 2008ã. Oil refining on 8,3 % in comparison with 2007ã. - From 26,23 million tons to 28,4 million tons levelled negative effect. Actions “ oil Gazprom “ have grown following the results of session on 2,53 %.

The day before LUKOIL has informed that expects volume of own oil recovery in territory of Russia in 2009ã. At level of 90,8 million tons. It means extraction growth on 2 % in comparison with 2008ã. Against renewal of growth of extraction of the action of the independent petrogetter have risen in price following the results of session for 6,07 %.

Actions “ Gazprom “ have grown following the results of session on Fridays on 5,75 %.

After two sessions of correction downwards growth was observed and among the metallurgical companies. Actions “ Severstal “ have risen in price for 8,64 %, “ a Mechel “ - on 3,15 %.

MMK has informed that steel volume of output in 2008ã. Has decreased on 9,8 % - to 11,9 million tons, manufacture of commodity metal products has decreased on 10,6 % - to 10,9 million tons, pig-iron - on 9,9 % - - to 8,5 million tons. Investors were ready to so essential curtailment of production, nevertheless actions MMK looked worse than the market and have risen in price only for 3,26 %.

the Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) has informed Russia on Friday that opposes possible creation of the mining company on the basis of GMK “ Norilsk nickel “ and “ metalloinvesta “. Actions “ Nornikelja “ again looked better than the market and have risen in price for 10,67 %.

Actions “ a gold Pole “ on Friday have grown on 11,13 %. An analyst of the company “ Aton “ Olga Mitrofanova considers that in nonferrous metallurgy sector “ ideas of day “ there were papers “ a gold Pole “ restoring positions after landslide falling the day before. High volatilnost it is caused by that on Thursday on LSE the offer on sale 10 % of shares of company with discount of 20 % has been exposed at once, however in the end of trading day on February, 12th the offer has been withdrawn.

as trader IFK " marks; Metropol “ Michael Manasjan, a share holding “ a gold Pole “ will not be on sale “ in the market “: such volume of means in the market at present simply not to find. Search of strategic investors is for this purpose conducted.

papers of company FSK of EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY have the day before grown against the market, however on Friday looked worse than the market (+0,83 %). We will remind, growth of actions has been the day before caused by inclusion of actions FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY in calculation of index MSCI Russia. However calculation of an index taking into account actions FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY will begin since February, 27th, and demand for shares of company by then will renew.

on Friday growth of the Russian platforms has renewed. All spectrum of papers used demand. Thus, in the domestic share market after correction rally which can proceed and in the beginning of the next week against technical correction of the western indexes upwards has renewed. On the other hand, the crisis phenomena in economy continue to press on the market, and growth can stop at any moment as sharply, as well as has begun.

analysts make following recommendations about actions of the leading Russian companies:

LUKOIL: to buy
Surgutneftegaz: to accumulate
Gazprom: to buy
the Savings Bank of Russia: to buy
Norilsk nickel: to accumulate
MTS: to buy
NK Rosneft: to accumulate
Bank VTB: to buy

Recommendations are made on the basis of annual a consensus - forecasts targetov the investment companies presented in a product “ Forecasts of the prices of actions “.

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