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Indexes of the USA have finished Friday session in a minus

the Share auctions in the USA on Friday, on February, 10th 2012., have come to the end with fall of leading indexes on the threshold of voting in parliament of Greece on a new package of measures of rigid economy which is required for reception of credits within the limits of the second program of the financial help to the republic burdened with debts.
we will remind that the given voting has taken place during week-end. On its results almost two thirds of deputies of parliament of Greece - 199 of 300 - have approved new measures of rigid economy. 74 deputies have spoken against, 5 have refrained, 22 did not participate in voting. The new package of measures provides reduction of 15 thousand workplaces in budgetary sphere, decrease in 2012. Pensions and salaries of workers of the budget that will allow Athenes to save 4,4 mlrd dollars, and also decrease in the minimum wage rate with present 750 to 600 euros a month.
it is negative on moods investors at last session of the past week the preliminary data about an index of consumer trust to the USA resulted in report Reuters and Michigan university has affected. In February 2012. Value of the indicator has made 72,5 points against 74 points expected by analysts.
actions Shares of Bank of America Corp. Have decreased on 1,3 %. Quotations of machine-building company Caterpillar have fallen on 1 %. Market capitalisation of the manufacturer of aluminium Alcoa Inc largest in the USA. Has decreased for 3,3 %.
Actions of the largest on-line travel agency Expedia Inc. Have fallen in price on 1,8 % after days after the company has published the financial data which has disappointed analysts for 2011.
Market capitalisation LinkedIn Corp. Has increased by 18 % after the company - the operator of a social network for professional contacts has resulted the optimistical forecast on financial indicators for I quarter 2012.
Following the results of the auctions on February, 10th of this year index Dow Jones has gone down on 89,23 points (- 0,69 %) - to 12801,23 points, index S &P has fallen to 9,31 points (- 0,69 %) - to 1342,64 points, and NASDAQ was rolled away on 23,35 points (- 0,80 %) - to 2903,88 points.