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Forex: players will go to a dollar zone

After very sharp growth of dollar the currency market starts to come to the senses. On Friday, on August, 13th, correction of pair euro/ dollar after four sessions of falling of euro for which it has fallen on 500 points has begun. In general, there was a possibility to start technical correction.

on Friday at 9:00 Moscow time one euro cost 1,285 dollars, and, most likely, correction will proceed. There is only a question, as long. Players will win back all 500 points back or will be limited only to 250 points? The unambiguous answer is not present. However, most likely, the euro has gone to a local maximum. Possibly, players will generate razvorotnuju a figure double top on what time which has remained till the end of August, and already then, in September will leave, aggressive sales of uniform currency will begin. At the same time it is necessary to notice that the current wave of decrease in euro at any moment can renew, as target level - a line of a local ascending trend - has not been reached.

a little oslabla and yen. At 9:00 Moscow time it bargained on a mark of 86 yens/ dollars Most likely, players take a small time - a miss in buying up of Japanese currency.

in market Forex correctional movements have begun. However their stability is under the big question. Any negative statistics from the USA is capable to strengthen again dollar purchases as it is strange. And if bad statdannye leave in Europe or Japan flight in dollar will accept mass character. Thus, anyway we are waited by growth of the American currency.
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