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The Russian market tries to win back losses

the Auctions in the Russian share market have opened on Friday, on August, 13th, growth of leading share indexes. The external background to the session beginning had moderately positive character. The day before the auctions in Europe have come to the end raznonapravlenno. The American indexes following the results of session of Thursday have decreased, however in the morning on Friday futures for share indicators of the USA showed increase. The Asian markets on Friday grew basically. However following the results of session Japanese index Nikkei has decreased on 0,29 %. The prices for oil have the day before fallen. The official prices of the nearest futures have made: Brent - 75,52 (- 2,12) dollars/ barr., WTI (Light Sweet) - 75,74 (- 2,28) dollars/ barr.

As of 12:30 Moscow time the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown on 0,26 % - to level 1379,06 points. The volume of the auctions on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has made 10,4 mlrd rbl. RTS Index has risen on 0,43 % - to 1453,84 points, RTS Standard has grown on 0,23 % - to 9500,62 points. The total amount of the auctions in RTS by specified time has made 40,574 mlrd rbl., volume of the auctions by actions in RTS Standard - 1,152 mlrd rbl.

To the middle of the auctions on Friday dynamics of quotations of the most liquid actions carried raznonapravlennyj character with prevalence of a positive. Papers Gazprom have risen in price for 0,09 %, NOVATEKa - on 0,56 %, the Savings Bank - on 0,33 %, VTB - on 0,87 %.

Actions of metallurgists while bargain in plus however it is impossible to name their growth strong. Nornikel has added 0,36 %, Severstal - 0,56 %, NLMK - 0,42 %, a Mechel - 1,15 %. Actions MMK which has fallen in price on 0,59 % have shown negative dynamics only.

In first half of session on August, 13th some actions of sector of electric power industry used attention of investors. In particular, papers TGK - 9 have risen in price for 4,44 %, Krasnoyarsk HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION - on 3,15 %, Holding MRSK - on 0,82 %. Thus actions RusGidro have fallen in price on 0,18 %. On Friday Holding MRSK has informed that its gain on RSBU in the first half of the year 2010. Has increased by 38 % - to 2,364 mlrd rbl. - with 1,714 mlrd rbl. year before.

Oil futures Light Sweet and Brent on Friday are in a positive zone, bargaining above level 76 dollars/ barr. As of 12:25 Moscow time the prices of futures on Light Sweet have risen (September) on 0,4 %, Brent (September) - on 0,48 %.

Positive dynamics of oil is caused basically by technical purchases of futures which for three previous days have essentially fallen in price. So, the official price of mark WTI (Light Sweet) has fallen for the previous three sessions to 5,74 dollars/ barr., or 7 %, also it was established the day before on the lowest mark for a month - 75,74 dollars/ barr. At the same time the price of oil Brent has fallen for three previous sessions to 5,47 dollars Or 6,8 %, also it was established following the results of the auctions on Thursday on the lowest mark for three weeks - 75,52 dollars/ barr.

to Purchases oil in addition promotes also a situation on Forex. So, dollar from the beginning of day has a little gone down against euro and other leading currencies (except for yen) after the day before the currency of the USA concerning a basket of six world currencies has reached the three-week maximum - 82,635 points.

actions of the companies of the Russian oil sector show basically positive dynamics. Exclusive papers Transneft have grown on 1,11 %, Gazprom oil - on 0,38 %, Surgutneftegaz - on 0,13 %. Actions Tatneft have added 1,1 %, Rosneft - 0,27 %.

LUKOIL Papers have thus fallen in price on 0,03 %. As it became known on Friday, a group of companies LUKOIL In the first half of the year 2010. Has increased extraction of commodity hydrocarbons by 1,8 % - to 2 million 261 thousand barr. An oil equivalent a day. Thus oil recovery for the accounting period has made 48,14 million t that on 1 % less than the similar period of last year. Extraction by the company of commodity gas has grown on 25,6 % and has made 9,24 mlrd cubic m, including has been abroad extracted 2,48 mlrd by cubic m, in Russia - 6,76 mlrd the cubic m.

As were underlined by analysts FK Uralsib threat of essential delay of economic growth continues to hang over the share and raw markets. Propensity of investors to risk has aloud decreased with the publication in the USA and China the economic indicators again confirming that postcrisis restoration reduces turns. The weekly data about quantity of primary references behind the unemployment benefit in the USA became the last in this number. On August, 13th new test is necessary to the market: The large-size block of economic statistics, including July data is published in the United States about a turn of retail trade and warehouse stocks of the companies, and also August value of an index of the consumer confidence counted by Michigan university. All these indicators possess considerable market force: if they appear weak stock exchanges of actions will finish week the next decrease, experts consider.
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