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Leaders of the market: demand has returned to actions genkompany

In first half of trading session on Friday, on August, 13th, against raznonapravlennoj dynamics of the Russian market ordinary actions of Open Society " became one of leaders; TGK - 9 . Worse the market ordinary papers of Open Society " in the meantime looked; severo - the Western Telecom (SZT).

Actions TGK - 9 in the beginning of the auctions have risen in price for 4,4 %. By 13:30 Moscow time demand for company papers has a little decreased, and growth of their cost has made 2,27 %. On Friday against prevailing in first half of session of growth of the domestic market of the action of the electropower companies again have drawn attention of investors. Did not become an exception and papers TGK - 9 which the day before were the leader of decrease, having lost more than 4 % of cost.

papers TGK - 9 grow with a support on a line of an ascending trend (1) since spring 2009. However in April of current year lifting of quotations has started to be slowed down. Last three months of the action genkompanii 0,0043 rbl. (2) and 0,0051 rbl. (3) are consolidated in the narrow channel between marks. However on August, 13th papers have concerned again a line of an ascending trend (1), and it was followed by powerful growth of quotations which can proceed within the next few days. If papers manage to overcome a mark 0,0051 rbl. (3) their long growth - will follow up to a line of resistance 0,0078 rbl. (4).

Actions SZT in the beginning of the auctions have fallen in price on August, 13th on 1,4 %. By 13:30 Moscow time the size of decrease in their cost was a little reduced and has made 0,67 %. The day before board of directors SZT has confirmed the report on results of a presentation shareholders of the company not concordant with reorganisation of telecommunication holding of Open Society Svyazinvest in which course the inter-regional companies of communication (MRK) will be attached to Open Society Rostelecom requirements about the repayment of actions belonging to them.

the Total of the actions redeemed SZT, has made 52 million 419 thousand 47 pieces, or 4,6 % of an authorised capital stock of the company, including 5 million 437 thousand 821 - ordinary, and 46 million 981 thousand 226 - exclusive. The total sum of means directed on the repayment of actions, has reached 1 mlrd 101 million 324 thousand rbl., or 3,1 % from cost of net wealth SZT. The shown actions will be redeemed by the operator in the full volume specified in the requirement of the shareholder, at the price of 21,01 rbl. Payment of redeemed actions will be made by money resources till September, 2nd 2010.

Actions SZT on an extent 2010. Are under the pressure of a line of a descending trend (3). However in August papers had been reached a line of an ascending trend (1) and consolidation in a figure " has begun; a triangle (1 - 3). By the current moment this figure became so narrow that already in the near future it is necessary to expect an exit of quotations from it. However hardly it will give to actions a new impulse to growth or decrease. Most likely, in intermediate term prospect they will be consolidated about a mark 21 rbl. (2).

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