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At stock exchanges of Europe there was a consolidation of indexes

the Auctions in Europe on August, 13th have opened increase of leading indexes. However soon decrease in quotations has renewed, and exchange indicators have returned to levels of closing of the previous session. During the day indexes were consolidated near to the reached values, and essential changes it was not marked. Volumes of the auctions remained low, players did not hasten to undertake active actions. An exit of the indicators which have surpassed expectation of growth of gross national product of a zone of euro in II quarter 2010. (Growth on 1,7 % in annual calculation at the forecast - 1,4 %) could not improve mood to investors. The auctions at stock exchanges in the USA have opened fall of leading indexes, here again the macroeconomic statistics has negatively affected moods. As a result the basic share indicators of Europe have finished day with raznonapravlennoj dynamics. Following the results of day the French index CAC 40 has fallen on 0,28 % and has made 3610,91 points, German DAX - on 0,40 % - to 6110,41 points. British FTSE 100 has grown on 0,18 % - to 5275,44 points.

actions of German steelmaking concern ThyssenKrupp AG have risen in price for 1,38 % against an exit of the positive reporting and increase of the annual forecast of profit. Net profit ThyssenKrupp for III quarter 2009 - 2010 has reached 298 million euro whereas for the similar period year before the company has received dead losses at a rate of 630 million euro. The company sales volume for accounting quarter has increased by 25,5 % and has made 11,68 mlrd euro against 9,3 mlrd euro year before. Indicator EBIT for III quarter 2009 - 2010 has made 587 million euro whereas for April - June 2008 - 2009 the company has received a corresponding loss at a rate of 597 million euro.

the British oil and gas company BP has agreed to pay the penalty at a rate of 50,6 million dollars For safety precautions infringement at the factory of the company located in American state Texas, where during explosion in 2005. 15 workers were lost. the size of the penalty fairly reflects scale of infringements BP of safety precautions - has declared the minister of work of the USA Hilda Solis. Management of the USA on a labour safety and industrial hygiene (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA) intends to collect in addition from the British company the penalty at a rate of 30 million dollars for other cases of infringement of the safety precautions, revealed on factory in Texas. According to the prisoner with OSHA the agreement, the British company to 2016. Will direct 500 million dollars on modernisation of safety conditions. According to representatives of the company, now BP will submit completely to requirements OSHA and to co-operate with management with a view of correction of a situation with safety at factories. Actions BP have risen in price for 1,55 %.

the Macroeconomic statistics has appeared as a whole positive. According to preliminary data, gross national product in an euro zone in II quarter 2010. Has grown on 1 % in comparison with the last quarter. Such information was published on Friday by the European statistical bureau Eurostat. Analysts expected gross national product growth on 0,7 % in quarter calculation, the news service informs. Under the relation to II quarter 2009. Growth of gross national product of a zone of euro, according to preliminary data, has made 1,7 %. In 27 member states of the European Union gross national product growth in II quarter 2010. In quarter calculation too has made 1 %. Thus in comparison with II quarter 2009. Gross national product growth has reached 1,7 %.

At the same time decrease in gross national product of Greece in II quarter of this year in comparison with I quarter 2010. Has made 1,5 %, in Spain the indicator has grown on 0,2 %, as well as in Portugal.

according to preliminary data National statistical bureau of France Insee, gross national product in the country in II quarter 2010. In comparison with the last quarter has grown on 0,6 %. Analysts expected that the given indicator will increase by 0,5 %. Under the reconsidered data, in I quarter 2010. Gross national product of France has raised on 0,2 % in quarter calculation that on 0,1 percentage points has exceeded the specified indicator published on June, 25th 2010.

According to Insee, consumer prices in France in July 2010. Have decreased on 0,3 % in comparison with the last month. Analysts also expected that the indicator will decrease on 0,3 %. In comparison with July 2009. The consumer price index in France in July of current year has raised on 1,7 %. Taking into account seasonal fluctuations consumer prices in France in July 2010. Have grown on 0,1 % in monthly calculation and have increased by 1,7 % - in annual.

proficiency of trading balance of a zone of euro in June 2010. Has made 2,4 mlrd euro. Analysts expected proficiency at a rate of 1 mlrd euro. In May 2010. The negative balance of trading balance of an eurozone, under the reconsidered data, has made 3,3 mlrd euro. Earlier it was informed on deficiency 3,4 mlrd euro. In June 2009. Proficiency of trading balance of a zone of euro made 5,2 mlrd euro. Volume of export of 16 states entering into an eurozone, in June 2010. In annual calculation has increased by 27 % whereas the import volume has grown on 31 %. In monthly calculation taking into account seasonal updating eurozone export has raised in June of this year on 5,2 %, and import - on 4,3 %.

Deficiency of trading balance in 27 EU Member States in June 2010., According to preliminary data, has made 9,6 mlrd euro, whereas in June 2009. Deficiency made 4,1 mlrd euro, in May, 2010 - 14,8 mlrd euro. Thus in June, 2010 concerning June, 2009 the volume of export of 27 EU countries has increased by 31 %, and the import volume has grown on 36 %.

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