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Eurobonds: buyers have returned on the market

On Friday, on August, 13th, in the world markets positive moods were observed. The published indicators of gross national product of Germany for II quarter (growth on 2,2 %) have appeared above forecasts of analysts which expected indicator increase on the average on 1,3 %. It has supported to quotations in the market of eurobonds.

following the results of the auctions, release Russia - 28 has grown on 0,57 items of the item and was closed on a mark of 180,25 % from face value (profitableness has made 5,587 % annual). Release Russia - 30 has grown on 0,078 items of the item - to 118,045 % from face value (profitableness of 4,510 %). Russia - 18 it was closed on a mark of 143,33 %, Russia - 20 it was closed on value of 102,98 % from face value.

growth has renewed and in a corporate segment. According to analysts of Promsvjazbanka, current week a market background as a whole eurobonds of the Russian Federation looked unfairly weak. Experts believe that if the statistics of the USA and Europe can support the given positive spirit of players, it is possible to expect restoration of demand for sovereign eurobonds of developing countries and especially on the fallen in price Russian papers.

among papers which looked much weaker than the others, - eurobonds Vympelcom which depending on a duration have lost in the price of 1 % - 2 % after news that the company plans to carry out purchase of operator Wind Telecomunucationi. Occurrence of refutations, and also absence of official comments from outside Vympelcom allows to believe that eurobonds can return in the near future to the former prices if, of course, it will not be undertaken any actions on transaction development, mark in Nomos - bank .

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