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Gold slightly adds

Precious metals on Monday, on August, 13th, bargain raznonapravlenno. As it was informed on Quote. ru, cost of precious metals following the results of the auctions on Friday, on August, 10th, in New York has changed raznonapravlenno. Official spotovye the prices have made: on gold - 1621,5 dollars/ ounce (+0,22 %), silver - 28,23 dollars/ ounce (- 0,04 %), platinum - 1404 dollars/ ounce (- 0,99 %), a palladium - 586 dollars/ ounce (- 0,86 %).

At 08:00 Moscow time on Monday, on August, 13th, futures for gold were on a mark 1626,77 dollars/ ounce (+0,24 %), silver - 28,11 dollars/ ounce (+0,17 %), platinum - 1400,6 dollars/ ounce (+0,05 %), a palladium - 582,2 dollars/ ounce (+0,01 %).

As of 16:46 Moscow time gold has risen in price for 0,05 % (+0,73 dollars/ ounce), silver has fallen in price on 0,25 % (- 0,07 dollars/ ounce), platinum bargained on zero marks (+0,00 dollars/ ounce), the palladium has fallen on 0,05 % (- 0,30 dollars/ ounce).

the Spread between gold and platinum has made 222,25 dollars

In the cash market of precious metals in London the price spot gold with reference to its morning fixing (AM Fixing) on Monday has raised almost on 1 % and for the first time current month the ounce has exceeded value 1620 dollars/. Price AM Fixing on gold in London has officially made 1622,25 dollars/ ounce. It is its highest indicator after July, 31st 2012.

the Trojsky ounce of gold in London has risen in price concerning the last trading day for 13,75 dollars, being adjusted on the current prices under transactions with gold in the urgent market. So, up the time of the announcement of price AM Fixing the future of the nearest postavochnogo on gold at stock exchange COMEX bargained month in a range 1620,1 - 1625,6 dollars/ ounce, and the price of its last transaction made 1623,0 dollars/ ounce.

At the same time the gold price in London on 222,25 dollars has exceeded price AM Fixing for platinum which has made 1400,00 dollars/ ounce against 1402,00 dollars/ ounce in the trading afternoon before.

Gold expects one more wave of growth

Something should deduce the prices for gold from 100 - a dollar range in which they now are. The long-term trend - positive, it is provided by negative real rates. The consolidation period goes about one year, and soon it should end, one more wave of growth in which course the ounce price will grow above 2000 dollars/ ounce is necessary to gold. Good possibilities are given now by raw sector in the share market, actions with a delay react to changes of the prices for the raw goods to which they are adhered - director HSBC Global Asset Management Charles Morris has declared Bloomberg.

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