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Bears do not release the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange far from key level

On Monday, on August, 13th, in the Russian stock market optimistical moods prevailed. The exchange sign has worked again - the ascending trend of second half of Friday session has received continuation and on Monday, even despite the message on unexpectedly weak growth of gross national product of Japan in II quarter - all on 1,4 % in annual comparison. Has not pleased with gross national product falling on 6,2 % in II quarter and Greece, but it has been at least expected in conditions when the country struggles with budgetary deficiency by reduction of expenses.

nevertheless the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index on peak of day has managed to update the three-monthly maximum adjusted by a rise in prices for the September contract of oil Brent to 115 dollars/ barr. From - for intensity in the Near East. Towards evening has impaired a little to players mood dangerous falling of index S & P 500 to an important mark of 1400 points in this connection it was necessary to return the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange to key now to 1450 points.

the Current situation can be characterised as very shy purchases: players have a possibility to deduce the Russian indexes on much higher levels, but without support from the USA nobody dares to buy with though how many - nibud long horizon. Such deal does not allow to count on a serious gain of an index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange in the near future, especially taking into account that the basic rise in prices for oil remained in the past.

following the results of trading session on August, 13th the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has raised on 0,75 % - to 1452,42 points, RTS index - on 0,67 % and has reached a point 1436,85 points. The volume of the auctions at the Moscow stock exchange following the results of day has made 342,72 mlrd rbl.

Investors remained are dissatisfied with insignificant growth of profit oil Gazprom

And though the Russian indexes did not manage to show sharp lifting, the oil and gas branch looked very not bad: Gazprom has risen in price for 0,88 %, LUKOIL - on 1,11 %, Rosneft - on 1,37 %, NOVATEK - on 2,12 %. Here only even such quite good results correspond to the expectations of investors counting on good profit in case of a rise in prices for oil of mark Brent to 110 dollars/ barr a little., and already and to 115 dollars As it is visible, growth in the market of energy carriers does not lead to corresponding revaluation of emitters of oil and gas branch, and such situation generates unfairly high risk of investments at current price levels - quite possibly that the intermediate term potential of growth in branch by the present moment is settled. In a minus quotations " have left; oil Gazprom (- 0,35 %). Investors were pleased with the message on growth of net profit of the company on MSFO in the first half of the year 2012. In total on 0,4 % though it is quite worthy result after a number of competitors on business has reduced net profit on MSFO for the similar period twice.

the Russian banks have spent day in calmness

to the Russian banks on Monday was comfortable even against weak macrostatistics from Japan and Greece. Successful placing of state bonds of Germany and Italy became an occasion to good mood. Profitableness of annual papers of last has exceeded a mark of 2,7 % and has risen to a two-month maximum, but the market has quite defensible considered this negative insignificant. And while the situation in the debt markets remains quiet, there are no reasons to expect strong reduction in price of the Russian banks. Following the results of day the Savings Bank has added in the price of 0,36 %, VTB - 0,71 %, and the Renaissance - 3,42 %.

Investors thirst for associations TGK on the basis of TGK - 9

have brightly spent day generating companies. Interest of investors to papers warms up news about approval FRS of purchase by company TGK - 9 share holdings TGK - 5, TGK - 6 and Volga TGK with their subsequent association on the basis of TGK - 9. A question on expediency of this association rather sporen, however speculators successfully use a news background for dispersal of quotations, and at desire and tolerance presence to risk it is possible to participate in this growth. For day of quotation TGK - 9 have flied up on 8,03 %, TGK - 5 - on 15,96 %, TGK - 6 - on 20,74 %, and Volga TGK - on 7,15 %.

Falling of volume of the auctions has no to purchases

Trading session of Monday in the Russian stock market it is possible to name successful, though bulls anything especially have not achieved - only for a short while reduced the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange on a three-monthly maximum. The proceeded falling of volume of the auctions confirms uncertainty of the Russian buyers and has no to the further purchases. It is not necessary to participate in new waves of growth, anyway while the American index S & P 500 it is not takes confident a lath of 1400 points.

analysts make following recommendations about actions of the leading Russian companies:

Bank VTB: to hold
Gazprom: to buy
LUKOIL: to buy
MTS: to accumulate
Norilsk nickel: to hold
NK Rosneft: to buy
the Savings Bank of Russia: to buy
Surgutneftegaz: to buy

Recommendations are made on the basis of annual a consensus - forecasts targetov the investment companies presented in a product Forecasts of the prices of actions

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