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Forex: Basel has defined a spirit

Friday news about re-structuring of debts Dubai World have raised demand of players for brave actives. However increase of demand for risk has not stopped and on Monday, on September, 13th. New week players have begun in excellent mood, and the euro in some hours of the auctions has added already almost 100 points. At 08:00 Moscow time in euro trade in pair/ the dollar occurs about a mark 1,28 dollars/ euro, and it is the serious demand for continuation already in the near future growth to a mark 1,29 dollars/ euro.

the good mood of participants was promoted to no small degree by news about the statement Basel committee of the new standard Basel III the toughening requirement to the capital of banks, reports Reuters referring to sources in committee. These norms should raise stability of banks all over the world and as a whole to strengthen a world financial system.

Also there is nothing surprising that players have started to buy up brave currencies, as with acceptance Basel III the concept of risk can strongly be transformed and the euro, let us assume, becomes not such and brave currency in relation to dollar. However, as usual, there is a weight of open questions. For whose account there will be an acceptance of new rules, and for what sums it is required to capitalise leading world bank corporations that they corresponded to new rules? And how much new rules will lower profitability in branch?

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