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At auctions ADR high activity is noted in oil and gas sector

At the auctions in London on London Stock Exchange on Thursday, on January, 14th, in sector ADR of the Russian companies the most part of day the tendency to increase of quotations remained. Purchases were promoted by lifting of domestic and European share indexes, and also favorable conditions at commodity exchanges. Volumes of transactions with domestic papers on LSE remained at the average level of last days. High activity was observed in oil and gas and metallurgical sectors. The greatest volumes have passed on papers “ Rosneft “ (+0,88 %) and “ Gazprom “ (+1,21 %).

bank VTB Papers have risen on 1,39 %. Experts Bank of America - Merrill Lynch consider the Russian banks as the most underestimated among all countries BRIC. Analysts predict growth of quotations ADR of bank VTB in 2010γ. To 5,50 dollars Thus, the growth potential makes approximately 10 %. Experts believe that during the current year level of the delayed debts on peak will reach 14 %. Reserves on credit losses, and also their share concerning total of actives will decrease. All it will lead to growth of profit of bank VTB.

The day before bank VTB has informed that its actives on RSBU in 2009γ. Have increased by 5 % in comparison with 2008γ. Also have made 2 trln 674 mlrd rbl. Volume of means on accounts and deposits of corporate clients has made 1 trln 002 mlrd rbl. in comparison with 719 mlrd rbl. for January, 1st 2009γ. Thus, a gain of the means involved from corporate clients, in 2009γ. Has made 39 %. Net profit of bank following the results of 2009γ. Has grown on 4 % and has made 27,96 mlrd rbl.

Quotations depozitarnyh receipts “ Tatneft “ have risen on 3,46 %. In 2009γ. The company has increased oil recovery by 0,3 % in comparison with 2008γ. - to 25,85 million t. In total for the past year oil recovery in Tatarstan has made 32,5 million t that on 0,7 % exceeds an indicator 2008γ. In December 2009γ. “ Tatneft “ has extracted 2,194 million t oil that on 4,7 % above an indicator of December 2008γ.

MTS Receipts at the auctions in New York in the session beginning have risen on 0,23 %. The Savings Bank of Russia has lowered interest rates under credits of MTS for a total sum 59 mlrd rbl. Under the credit for the sum 47 mlrd rbl. the interest rate is lowered on 4,25 percentage points - from 16 % to 11,75 %. Under the credit on 12 mlrd rbl. the fixed interest rate defined at signing at a rate of 15 % annual, will be translated in floating, defined as the sum of the rate of refinancing of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation which makes by the current moment 8,75 %, plus the fixed margin of 2,25 %.

Papers “ Vympelcom “ have gone down in price in the session beginning in the USA on 0,85 %. The federal antimonopoly service (FAS) the Russian Federation has suspended consideration of petition VimpelCom Holdings B V. about acquisition of 100 % of voting actions a minus one voting action of Open Society “ Vympelcom “ (a trade mark “ a Biline “) . Earlier it was informed that FAS considers possible the given transaction, but with a number of conditions. However the decision is not accepted yet, the additional legal investigation is planned. Petition VimpelCom Holdings B V. about purchase “ Vympelcom “ it is registered en face on November, 18th 2009γ. However the service has prolonged term of consideration of the statement.

the book of demands for primary public placing (IPO) actions OK “ Rusal “ it is completely signed by institutional investors. Earlier “ Rusal “ officially declared intention to spend listing of ordinary actions on the basic platform of the Hong Kong stock exchange. The company also has made inquiry about the admission to trade and listing global depozitarnyh actions (GDS) on a professional platform of stock exchange Euronext in Paris. Global depozitarnye actions will be confirmed global depozitarnymi by receipts (GDR), each of which represents 20 ordinary actions. “ Rusal “ Plans to use all receipts from the global offer for decrease in current debts and execution of other obligations to the creditors.

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