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Precious metals: the gold future is ambiguous

Official spotovye the prices for precious metals following the results of session on January, 13th in New York have gone down and have made: on gold - 1375 dollars/ ounce (- 1,01 %), silver - 28,76 dollars/ ounce (- 3,07 %), platinum - 1807 dollars/ ounce (without change), a palladium - 811 dollars/ ounce (- 0,49 %).

the Analyst VTB the Capital Andrey Krjuchenkov has noticed that session passed extremely inertly as, as well as earlier, for rally on spotovom the market the considerable purchases provoked by searches " be required; smooth water . The prices for gold remain in a lateral trend while physical purchases on minima gradually exhaust. In this connection, platinum and a palladium on - former are more attractive to investors, than gold. For example, the prices for a palladium have risen the day before above December maxima, having punched key resistance on 800 doll/ ounce.

In Capital Economics consider that in 2011 of the price for gold will renew growth contrary to strengthening of US dollar and decrease in inflationary fears. Gold will continue to get support from aspiration of investors to find saving harbour against other potential economic and financial shocks. Uncertainty in destiny of euro, risk of trading war between the USA and China and possible financial crisis in Japan in 2012 can push the prices for gold to a mark 2000 dollars/ ounce (against 1390 dollars/ ounce currently).

On Friday precious metals continue to become more well and at 8:30 Moscow time the future prices for gold are on a mark 1376,5 dollars/ ounce (- 0,76), a palladium - on a mark 809,4 dollars/ ounce (- 0,5 %), platinum - 1821,3 dollars/ ounce (- 0,01 %), silver - 28,93 dollars/ ounce (- 1,13 %).

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