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Day Forex: currencies compete in depreciation

January - time of summarising of the last year. And though the season of annual reports proceeds, till the end of the year some data is already accessible now. So, on Friday there was a whole block of the data on the countries of Europe. In particular consumer prices in Germany in December 2010., under the definitive data, in annual calculation have raised on 1,7 %. Such data was published by Federal statistical service of Germany. And though this data has completely coincided with expectations of analysts, they display quality of economic growth of the country. It should affect an euro exchange rate which has continued growth and at 12:30 Moscow time has reached a point 1,34 dollars/ euro.

the economy of Germany actively grows, thus the rate of inflation remains below a target indicator that it is impossible to tell about Great Britain. The industrial prices (reflect cost change at sale of the goods directly from factories, is a key indicator for definition of the future inflation at level of consumers.) in December 2010. Have raised on 4,2 % in comparison with December 2009. Such data contains in the published report of National statistical bureau of Great Britain. Analysts expected growth of this indicator on 3,9 %.

the Data across Great Britain is ambiguous. From one parties, y they testify to huge depreciation of pound sterling - the effect of the press has an effect. On the other hand, the Bank of England needs to start to lift the key rate to constrain a rise in prices. All it also has caused appreciable fluctuations of pound in the market. At 12:30 Moscow time the pound is estimated in 1,584 US dollars, and, most likely, within the next few days sterling rate decrease to proceed.

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