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Premarket the USA: at opening of the auctions decrease in indexes

At opening of the share auctions in the USA 2011 is expected on January, 14th. Decrease in leading indexes is expected. Dynamics of futures for leading exchange indicators testifies to it. The first portion of macroeconomic statistics published at 16:30 Moscow time, has not rendered essential influence on a situation.

gradually types defences a season of the corporate reporting. And though still recently among players there was an opinion that forthcoming results will bring disappointment on the market, last reports of the companies deny the given fears. So, the season of the bank reporting has most advantageously opened one of the largest American banks J on Friday. P. Morgan Chase and Co. In IV quarter 2010. Net profit J. P. Morgan Chase has reached 4,83 mlrd dollars, and a gain - 26,1 mlrd dollars On a profit indicator on action J. P. Morgan has bypassed forecasts of analysts - EPS in IV quarter has made 1,12 dollars against expected 1 dollars/ the action. Predictably, such indicators will lift interest to papers J. P. Morgan Chas, no less than other representatives of sector - Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo and Co. And Citigroup.

in the Afternoon before, already after end of the previous trading session, the financial report was published by the world`s largest manufacturer of microelectronics - corporation Intel Corp. In 2010. The company net profit has grown in 2,7 times - to 11,7 mlrd dollars Thus with optimism management Intel looks and for I quarter 2011., expecting a gain in 11,9 mlrd dollars while experts have appeared more reserved in the forecasts, expecting value of an indicator at level 10,7 mlrd dollars Financial report Intel already has led to a rise in prices for the shares of company bargaining in Europe, and, most likely, increases of quotations can be expected and in the USA.

nevertheless, not for all American companies Friday session can begin in to a green zone . So, actions of pharmaceutical company Dendreon Corp. Risk to leave in a minus against negative reaction of the market to decision Dendreon to let out promissory notes for 500 million dollars with converting possibility in the action.

oil Continues to rise in price. From the beginning of day of the price for oil futures have grown more than on 0,5 % - support is rendered by the weakening dollar in the international currency market FOREX. The American currency obviously concedes euro against the positive European statistics. As a result participants of the market show bolshy speculative interest to oil, as will be reflected in quotations of such American oil giants, as Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips and Chevron.

As of 16:15 Moscow time quotations of futures on index Dow Jones have fallen on 44 points (- 0,38 %), on index S &P - on 5,25 points (- 0,41 %), and on index NASDAQ - on 2,75 points (- 0,12 %).

the Russian market is, seemingly, tired from growth - positively begun season of the corporate reporting in the USA already especially pleases nobody. The important mark of 1750 points on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has been handed over practically without fight, and by the time of an exit of the first portion of macroeconomic statistics from the USA the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index was consolidated already around 1735 points. The negative beginning of the auctions on NYSE is capable to aggravate a situation. The matter is that recoil of the American indexes downwards, after an exit on new multimonthly maxima, has already begun, and in the conditions of fears of the beginning of correction soaring in the market, investors will not make light of procorfs. However ahead one more block of important macroeconomic statistics in the USA will be published during the period from 17:15 till Moscow time, the First data has shown that sharp negative it is possible not to wait for anything. The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index even still has a chance by the session end to return to 1750 points.

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