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The second echelon could not show uniform dynamics

From December, 30th on January, 14th in the Russian share market, excepting long New Year`s vacation, strongly pronounced ascending dynamics prevailed. The positive external background became a major factor of ascending movement. Thus, rally is almost unceasing proceeds six months.

following the results of trading week (11 - on January, 14th) RTS index has added 5,4 %, and the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange hardly more than 3 %. Indicators of the second echelon too have shown appreciable increase: RTS - 2 - on 3,69 %, Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange MS - on 2 %.

In the first trading session 2011., on January, 11th, the auctions have begun confident growth of the basic Russian indexes. Slowly but surely in the middle of day the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index managed to overcome upwards 1700 points. Conducted the market grown during holidays in Russia oil and the American indexes. Besides it, positive dynamics of the Russian indexes was supported by the strong report of aluminium giant Alcoa Inc. Traditionally starting to a season of the reporting of the American corporations, and also intention of Japan to join the Peoples Republic of China in purchase of the European debts. Japan plans to get in January 20 % from all volume of emitted state bonds. Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange MS index has grown on 2,17 %.

the Auctions on Wednesday, on January, 12th, have continued dynamics of previous day. The general optimism connected with the first steps to settlement of debt problems in Europe, has given to confidence to investors. The macroeconomic statistics from Europe also has appeared positive - industrial output growth in an euro zone in November 2010. In 2,5 times has exceeded forecasts of experts. Additional support oil began continuing to rise in price. Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange MS index has added 1,23 %.

After overcoming the day before an index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange of 1750 points bulls on Thursday, on January, 13th, have decided to take a time - a miss. Throughout all trading session the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index fluctuated between 1750 and 1760 points. The worsened external news background became a principal cause of so languid dynamics. Only expensive oil has not allowed domestic indexes to fall even more low. Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange MS index has fallen on 0,65 %.

the Auctions on Friday, on January, 14th, became reflexion of that fact that from the former optimism did not remain also a trace. Indexes inevitably decreased. Even against expensive oil the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index could not be kept above 1750 points. At the auctions on Friday, most likely, participants of the market have decided to fix the profit received for the first trading week of new year. The negative in the Russian markets was supported also by the European stock exchanges. As a result on Friday all front of stock market has been captivated bear moods. Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange MS index has lost more than 0,5 %.

Following the results of leaving week the most part of the companies has shown ascending dynamics. In sector of transport companies all companies could please the investors. Actions NMTP have risen in price for 5,71 %, and Aeroflot - on 2,27 %.

Growth of quotations of developer group LSR for four sessions has made almost 5 %.

mainly ascending dynamics was observed in a consumer sector. Actions the Magnet risen in price more than on 5 %, became leaders of growth in the segment. Quotations of papers Farmstandarta practically have not changed, their gain has made less than 0,5 %. Actions Baltic could not support the general dynamics, having decreased on 7,5 %.

In a segment of manufacturers of fertilizers also it was not observed uniform dynamics. Actions Uralkalija have grown more than on 1,5 %, while actions Silvinita have lost more than 2 % of the price.

in metallurgical sector positive dynamics prevailed. Only papers a gold Pole could not show ascending dynamics. Following the results of a week they have lost more than 4 %. The leader of growth for a week of a steel actions TMK which has risen in price more than on 10 %. Stock quotes MMK have flied up on 8 %, a Mechel - on 7,75 %, Raspadsky - on 5 %.

In electric power industry sector there was no uniform dynamics. Capitalisation of Holding MRSK and Inter the Russian Open Society has grown more than on 2 %. And here papers OGK - 5 have fallen in price on 1,09 %, OGK - 3 - on 2,57 %.

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