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In sector ADR the second day is successively observed small correction

Auctions ADR of the Russian companies at the London stock exchange (LSE) on Friday, on January, 14th, have opened increase of quotations. However soon on the market the wave of fixing of profit has swept. During session among investors pessimistic moods that has been caused by correction in the market of metals prevailed. On the European and Russian share platforms the most part of day also there was a correctional decrease. A negative on stock markets have added the next news from China. National bank of China in the seventh time with 2010. Has raised reserve requirements to deposits of local banks within the limits of struggle against inflation which has reached 5,1 % in November 2010. Since January, 20th 2011. The norm of reservation would raise on 50. The item In the beginning of December 2010. The authorities of the Peoples Republic of China officially declared that with 2011. Pass to constrained monetary - the credit policy. The Chinese government intends to withdraw vigorously surpluses of liquidity from economy to keep under control consumer prices. The share auctions in the USA have opened fall of leading indexes against disappointing macroeconomic news.

as a result following the results of the auctions index FTSE Russia IOB which pays off on the basis of quotations depozitarnyh receipts of 15 Russian companies largest on full market capitalisation addressing at the London stock exchange, has decreased on 0,57 % and has finished day on a mark 1052,43 points.

the prices for oil continued to move to psychologically important mark 100 dollars/ barr. On Friday cost of the nearest future of oil of mark Brent at the auctions in London has raised on 0,6 % - to 98,7 dollars/ barr. However record levels of the oil prices could not support a paper of oil and gas sector. Investors have preferred to fix profit in the given papers, received after several days of growth. The greatest turns have passed with receipts Rosneft (- 1,28 %), Gazprom (- 1,1 %) and LUKOIL (- 0,47 %). Papers Surgutneftegaz have fallen in price on 0,59 %.

Quotations ADR GMK Norilsk nickel have grown on 0,08 % - to 24,71 dollars the Next corporate news could not affect dynamics of papers essentially. Open Society GMK Norilsk nickel considers unreasonable claims OK Rusal (the owner of 25 % of an authorised capital stock Nornikelja ) About a recognition void procedures of acquisition of the actions, declared company Corbiere Holdings, and transactions on sale American depozitarnyh receipts (ADR) Nornikelja companies Trafigura Beheer BV. About it it is told in the message Nornikelja . Nornikel believes that the bases for similar claims about a recognition void or an interdiction for realisation of acquisition of actions or transactions on sale ADR are not available. We will remind, Rusal has brought an action claims, challenging buy back Nornikelja sale of quasiexchequer actions GMK and transaction OGK - 3.

Experts IK the Three Dialogue notice that now profit Norilsk nickel reaches record levels for all history of the company thanks to the high prices for metals, low specific expenses and absence of a debt. However the company uvjazla in the corporate conflict which (along with other factors) influences prospects of possible monetary streams for shareholders. Analysts consider as the extremely attractive prospects of the big dividends (by their estimations, in 2011. The company could provide dividendnuju profitableness to 40 %). However, the probability of such development of event, in their opinion, is insignificant. From - for the corporate conflict, which now in full blast, financial animators Norilsk nickel can to get stuck at rather low levels. Experts Three Dialogue believe that pressure upon price factors of the company will remain to the full resolution of conflict. Dynamics of quotations Norilsk nickel from the beginning 2010. Has been caused basically by a rise in prices for metals let out by it and improvement of a macroeconomic situation. As a result experts rise the target price Norilsk nickel about 19,60 dollars to 26,50 dollars for ADR and neutrally estimate prospects of these papers.

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