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Forex: Greece has weakened again euro

On Monday, on February, 14th, in the currency market moderate optimism is observed. Euro, having begun new week with jerk downwards, nevertheless tries to restore lost and at 9:00 on a mark 1,354 dollars/ euro Moscow time bargain. EU in every way tries to lead the peripheral countries of region to class the self-provided. But those in turn, without refusing, however, the help, consider that debt problems is especially a private affair of each country. It also causes indignation of participants of the market.

so, during week-end the European Union and IMF have confirmed the next package of the anti-recessionary help of Greece at a rate of 15 mlrd euro. In their statement it is noticed that efforts of Greece on overcoming of financial crisis will not bring success if tax reform and the program of privatisation offered by the government, is not accelerated. In reply to it the representative of the government of Greece Georgios Petalotis has sharply condemned EU and IMF for intervention in country internal affairs.

we Will remind that the cumulative external public debt of Greece has exceeded 300 mlrd euro, and the total sum of the stabilisation credit for the country makes 110 mlrd euro. Certainly, the allocated money while suffices, that podlatat a hole in the budget, but about cardinal structural changes in economy of Greece while speeches do not go, and in it the big problem is covered. Even if EU and IMF can develop the mechanism of re-structuring of debts of the met difficulties countries, not the fact that these states will follow the given mechanism: what for, if Germany and so will give money?

while this problem costs not so sharply, but growth of cost raw and articles of food can deduce it on the foreground, and the euro will appear again under blow. Such scenario of succession of events at inactivity of the governments of the peripheral countries of Europe and EU connivance becomes inevitable. These expectations are put also by participants of the auctions in a current rate of euro which in the nearest sessions will decrease only.
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