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The share auctions in Japan were closed by growth of index Nikkei

the Share auctions in Japan closed on February, 14th 2011. Growth of index Nikkei on 1,13 %. Positive moods in the market have been connected with the report of Institute of economic and social researches of the government of Japan on volume of gross national product of the country. So, in IV quarter 2010. The given indicator in real expression was reduced to 0,3 % in comparison with III quarter, and against IV quarter 2009. Falling has made 1,1 %. However the given correction has appeared better forecasts of the analysts expecting reduction of Japanese gross national product in quarter calculation on 0,5 %, and in annual - on 2,1 %.

Besides, has affected a spirit of players and the report of customs office of the government of China on dynamics of trading balance of the country. According to the published data, in January 2011. Proficiency of trading balance has made 6,5 mlrd dollars Participants of the market appreciable growth of export of Heavenly Empire in the accounting period on 37,7 % in annual calculation - to 150,7 mlrd has pleased dollars, and import - on 51 % - to 144,3 mlrd dollars According to the experts, essential growth of import and export testifies to strengthening of demand both in the China, and in world economy as a whole.

the positive information background has caused growth of quotations of the leading financial companies of the Country of a rising sun. In particular, to closing of a trading platform securities of the largest in the country on volume of actives of bank of Mitsubishi UFJ have added in the price more than on 2,18 %, and second-large Sumitomo Mitsui Financial - on 2,4 %. Quotations of financial corporation Mizuho Financial were closed by growth on 1,80 %, and broker companies Nomura Holdings and Daiwa Securities - on 2,3 % and 2,06 % accordingly.

rather successful there was a first day of the next trading week for one of the world`s largest manufacturers of phototechnics and accessories - Japanese Olympus Corp. Company Securities have risen in price to okontsovke the auctions for 4,77 % that became reaction of the market to appointment of British Michael Vudforda to a post of new head Olympus. Before 50 - the summer businessman supervised questions of re-structuring of the large European companies.

at the same time, actions of basic competitors Olympus - the world`s largest manufacturer of phototechnics Canon and Nikon, were closed in plus on 0,51 % and 3,49 % accordingly. Session for the world leader in the field of electronics Sony manufacture also has successfully come to the end, whose papers have risen in price for 1,25 %, and its competitor Panasonic - on 1,37 %. Quotations of the manufacturer of industrial robots Fanuc have raised on 3,78 %, and the leading manufacturer of the control equipment for semi-conductor industry Advantest Corp. - on 1,34 %.

In green to a zone trading platforms and for a number of the Japanese trading companies were closed on Monday. In particular, company Kawasaki Kisen securities, and quotations of navigable transport company Mitsui O have risen in price for 2,78 % following the results of trading session. S. K. Lines Ltd and its competitor Nippon Yusen have grown on 3,76 % and 1,34 % accordingly.

easing of a course of yen in relation to dollar has helped leaders to motor-car manufacturers of the Country of the rising sun, receiving the profit lion`s share on the foreign market. So, papers of a motorcar giant of Honda Motor have added in the price of 2,82 %, and its competitors - Toyota Motor and Nissan Motor - 2,52 % and 1,38 % accordingly.

following the results of the auctions on February, 14th 2011. Index Nikkei has grown on 119,89 points (+1,13 %) and has made 10725,54 points. The dollar exchange rate to yen has raised for 0,62 yens in relation to a course of the last trading day and has made on closing of the auctions of 83,20 yens/ dollars
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