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Treasuries: pressure upon quotations oslablo

With end of auctions of the Treasury Department of the US (United States Department of the Treasury) on long-term papers the pressure rendered on the quotations of exchequer bonds, oslablo. As a result profitableness UST - 10, remaining still at the maximum levels since spring, would decrease on 6. Items (to 3,63 % annual), mark in Alpha bank.

as a result, on the beginning of trading session of Monday, on February, 14th, the curve of profitableness of exchequer bonds of the USA looks as follows:

According to experts IK Veles the Capital political crisis in the Near East has not ended with official resignation of the president of Egypt. On - former thorny questions there is a further destiny of Egypt, and possibility of distribution of excitement on neighbouring countries. On this background investors have again paid attention on bezriskovye actives that has pushed upwards the price on Treasuries.

the Ministries of Trade of the USA (United States Department of Commerce) the negative balance of trading balance of the country in December 2010 has published the report, according to which. Has grown in comparison with November to 40,58 bln. dollars the Given indicator as a whole has coincided with forecasts of analysts. Besides, department has reported and about deficiency of trading balance for all 2010. - the indicator has reached 497,8 mlrd dollars and it has appeared on 122,9 mlrd dollars of more level 2009. In 374,9 mlrd the dollars

Besides, have been published an index of consumer trust in the USA. Its value in February 2011. 75 points have grown to 75,1 points against the forecast at level.

messages on preparing new excitements in the countries of the Near East inspired by success of revolution in Egypt during week-end have renewed. Therefore at the auctions on Monday, on February, 14th, continuation of decrease in profitableness UST owing to effect " is not excluded; flight in quality mark in Bank of Moscow. While these fears are compensated by morning growth of the Asian markets against good macrostatistics from Japan owing to what profitableness UST - 10 does not show distinct dynamics.

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