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Forecasts of analysts: the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange Index can reach peaks 2010.

New week, possibly, will begin that the markets will win back Friday statements of head FRS the USA Ben Bernanke who sees possibilities for the further stimulation of economy of the USA. Besides, the markets will be mobile owing to a stream of the reporting of the largest American companies leaving on the future week. On Monday, on October, 18th, the markets will pay attention to financial results Apple and Citigroup, but the based weight of the data is necessary on Tuesday (when banks Bank of America, Bank of New York, Goldman Sachs and companies Johnson &Johnson and Yahoo), and also on Thursday (AT &T, Caterpillar, Coca - Cola will report, McDonald`s and other typical emitters of the USA).

Analitik Promsvjazbanka Oleg Shagov notices that next week intensity of a stream of quarterly accounts will grow - about 100 American companies will publish results. It will add to the market volatilnosti, but we hope that positive tendencies which prevailed in the Russian share market past week, will receive the continuation and on following - O.Shagov has underlined.

analyst GK Alor Natalia Lesina also specifies in a fundamental saturation of the future week when, in - the first, the weight of corporate reports for III quarter is expected, first of which becomes report Citigroup, in - the second, there is data about a situation in building sector of the USA and indicators promproizvodstva the countries. At last, on new week the block of statistics of the Peoples Republic of China, in particular gross national product and industrial production indicators which publication can revive conversations about nedootsenennosti the Chinese yuan will be published.

according to the chief of department of trust management the Absolute of Bank Ivan Fomenko, in the near future the Russian market will make all efforts to be fixed above marks 1500 and 1600 on indexes of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange and RTS accordingly. it will be possible in the event that the external background will be positive, on what it is quite possible to count if to take into consideration the positive financial reporting of the American corporations. Anyway, for players of the Russian market there will be new ideas for growth - believes I.Fomenko.

the chief of department of share investment funds UK rajffajzen the Capital Konstantin Kirpichev considers that the next week the positive situation in the Russian stock market will remain, and the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index can reach maximum levels 2010. In 1530 - 1540 points and even to surpass them. By the way, current week the prices of many actions already have updated a maximum. We keep the forecast on growth of an index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange to 1600 - 1650 points by the end of the year though we suppose that it will be a conservative estimation in relation to total values of year - has concluded K.Kirpichev.

as the senior trader of department of trading operations UK " believes; Maksvell the Capital Management Michael Molodov, the Russian market lags behind in growth other emerging markets a little. The expert considers that by the current moment it is necessary for investors to show certain vigilance. before session FRS which will pass in the beginning of November, we can see correction downwards on share platforms - M.Molodov has informed. Decrease can be observed in the end of October. Considering that the market has approached to strong enough technological levels (on RTS index it is a mark of 1600 points, on a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index - 1500 points), at current levels investors can sell gradually a part of papers of a portfolio - nearby 10 - 20 %, the expert marks.

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