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Forex: the dollar will continue to rise in price

On Monday, on November, 15th, game in market Forex is defined again by purchases of the American currency. At 08:30 Moscow time one euro costs 1,368 dollars, and, probably, current week purchases the American will proceed. The reason of it are not high fundamental indicators of economy of the USA, and banal fear before a collapse in an euro zone. Past week there were many events in the peripheral countries of an eurozone, and is simple so ignore their players hardly can.

so, Portugal has placed the next tranche of bonds, however according to analysts, this placing was not quite successful. The active trunk-call phase included the authorities of Ireland, they try to agree with the eurozone authorities about allocation of the financial help which in can reach 80 mlrd euro. However, authorities of Ireland assert that to the middle 2011. The help is not required to them.

Besides Europe the beginnings To twist nuts and the Peoples Republic of China. The Chinese national economy develops all with the big disbalance, and it is reflected all over the world. The prices for precious and industrial metals have reached historical peaks only thanks to China and its banks actively speculating in these markets.

thus, clouds are more and more condensed over share and the currency markets. Open there is a question: whether participants of the auctions will ignore in the near future problems of Europe and China and to continue to increase investments in brave actives or flight dollar smooth water will begin already on the begun week? Most likely - the second.

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