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Gazprom intend to keep 10 - a percentage share in NOVATEKe

Open Society Gazprom intend to keep a share in 10 % in Open Society NOVATEK . The chairman of the board has informed On it " in Sofia; Gazprom Alexey Miller. we will not sell 10 % - he has told. Now Gazprom owns in NOVATEKe 19,4 % of actions.

the informal information on possible sale to 10 % of actions NOVATEKa has appeared in the market on November, 10th 2010. For two days before, on November, 8th, the vice-president of board of concern Alexander Medvedev said what to leave structure of shareholders NOVATEKa Gazprom does not plan.

making comments on possible sale Gazprom up to the end 2010. To 10 % of actions NOVATEKa (all 19,39 % own), the interrogated analysts of the oil and gas market have agreed in opinion that the gas concern it needs to lower the fast-growing debt. By estimates of experts, promissory notes Gazprom by the current moment make 974,733 mlrd rbl. Besides, to gas holding means can be necessary for realisation of the investment program on 2011. Cost of 10 % of actions makes approximately 2 mlrd dollars At the moment of purchase in 2006. Got Gazprom the package was estimated in 1,2 mlrd dollars we Will remind that a sum of transaction on acquisition Gazprom 19,4 % of actions has made 2,34 mlrd dollars

Speaking about possible buyers of this package, an analyst of bank Uralsib Alexey Kokin has assumed that Gazprom will sell actions NOVATEKa belonging to it to Gazprombank. In its opinion, to Gazprom It is necessary to make so that these actions not have left in the market thus they remain more - less under control Gazprom as the concern is the shareholder of bank from shares in 41 % of actions.

NOVATEK - the second after Gazprom the manufacturer of gas in Russia. The company authorised capital stock makes 303 million 630 thousand 600 rbl. and is divided on 3 mlrd by 36 million 306 thousand ordinary actions face value 0,1 rbl. Besides Gazprom now 6,21 % of actions NOVATEKa owns Open Company Belon 13,13 % - Open Company Santata 7,31 % - Open Company Levit .
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