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Gross national product of Japan for III quarter 2010. The internal product (gross national product) of Japan in real expression for III quarter 2010 has grown on 3,9 %

Valovyj., According to preliminary data, has grown on 3,9 % concerning II quarter 2010. In recalculation for a year (annualized rate). Such data was published on Monday, on November, 15th, by Institute of economic and social researches of the government of the country. Real gross national product has grown on 0,9 % in quarter calculation.

analysts expected that gross national product of Japan in III quarter 2010. In relation to the last quarter will grow on 0,6 %, or on 2,5 % in recalculation for a year. Thus, the received figures have exceeded to expectations of analysts.

in nominal expression (without the amendment on inflation) gross national product of Japan in July - September 2010. Has decreased on 0,7 % in comparison with the last three months. Defljator gross national product in III quarter of this year has made a minus of 2 % that specifies in remaining deflationary pressure in Japanese economy.
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