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Decrease in indexes of Europe has interrupted Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange growth

the Share auctions in Europe on November, 15th the fourth trading session have opened decrease in leading indexes successively. In the market hearings that some " continue to ply; problem the European countries should re-structure the debts. In particular, the negative is caused by the renewed fears connected with a sovereign debt of Ireland and high degree of probability of that the country will address for the financial help to the European Union and the International currency fund.

against these fears quotations of leading European banks, including British Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group and HSBC Holdings (- 0,5 %, - 0,1 % and - 0,6 % accordingly) downwards have directed. As business and with securities of German Deutsche Bank which have lost 0,45 % of the price was.

in a minus the auctions and for the mining companies have opened: Actions britano - Australian BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto have fallen in price on 0,76 % and 1,51 %, britano - Swiss Xstrata - on 1,34 %, Anglo American - on 1,01 %. Securities of leaders gornodobytchikov become cheaper after falling of the prices for industrial metals which is caused by fears of that the National bank of the Peoples Republic of China can toughen the monetary policy, having lifted rates.

for BHP Billiton the information that the company has withdrawn the demand for acquisition of the Canadian manufacturer of potash fertilizers Potash Corp could render certain influence on a course of the auctions. According to the representative of the company, a condition of the Canadian government cannot be satisfied . At the same time in the company have expressed confidence that the transaction would bring in the income to all interested parties.

in a negative zone against reduction of price on oil the auctions and for the oil and gas companies have opened: Actions britano - Dutch Royal Dutch Shell, French Total and Italian ENI SpA have fallen in price on 0,37 %, 0,81 % and 0,5 % accordingly.

as of 14:00 Moscow time the British index FTSE 100 has decreased on 0,28 % - to 5780,85 points, French CAC 40 - on 0,33 % - to 3818,42 points, German DAX - on 0,12 % - to 6726,71 points. The Swiss index SMI has grown on 0,04 % - to 6508,08 points.

proficiency of trading balance of a zone of euro in September 2010. Has made 2,9 mlrd euro. The news service has informed on it referring to the report of European statistical agency Eurostat published on Monday. Analysts expected that proficiency of trading balance will make 0,1 mlrd euro.

in August 2010. Deficiency of trading balance of an eurozone, under the reconsidered data, has made 5 mlrd euro. Earlier it was informed on deficiency in 4,3 mlrd euro. In September 2009. Proficiency of trading balance of a zone of euro made 1,4 mlrd euro.

Volume of export of 16 states entering into an eurozone, in September 2010. In annual calculation the import volume - on 21 % has grown on 22 %, and. In monthly calculation taking into account seasonal updating eurozone export has grown in September 2010. On 0,6 %, and import was reduced to 2,5 %.

Deficiency of trading balance in 27 EU Member States in September 2010., According to preliminary data, has made 11,7 mlrd euro, whereas in September 2009. Deficiency of trading balance made 10,5 mlrd euro. In August 2010. Deficiency of trading balance in the EU countries made 17,7 mlrd euro. Thus in September 2010. Concerning September 2009. The volume of export of 27 EU countries has increased by 27 %, and the import volume has grown on 26 %. In monthly calculation taking into account seasonal updating export to 27 EU countries has grown in September of this year on 0,7 %, and import has decreased on 1,5 %.

Deficiency of the current account of the balance of payments of France (taking into account seasonal fluctuations) in September 2010. Has made 4,4 mlrd euro. Such data is resulted in the governmental report published on Monday. In August 2010. Deficiency of the current account of the balance of payments of France, under the reconsidered data, has made 4,3 mlrd euro (earlier it was informed on deficiency in 4 mlrd euro). Thus, this indicator in September of this year has increased in comparison with the data for the last month on 0,1 mlrd euro.

the statistical agency of European Union Eurostat on Monday has published the reconsidered indicators of the state budget of Greece for 2009. As they say in agency materials, this indicator has made 15,4 % from country gross national product (36,15 mlrd euro in absolute expression), instead of 13,6 % as affirmed earlier. Under specified data Eurostat, volume of the Greek state debt on the end 2009. Reached 298 mlrd euro, or 126,8 % from country gross national product.

in 2009. The most considerable budgetary deficiency in EU has been fixed in Greece (- 15,4 % of gross national product), Ireland (- 14,4 %), Great Britain (- 11,4 %), Spain (- 11,1 %), Latvia (- 10,2 %), Portugal (- 9,3 %). Any of the European Union states in 2009. Has not achieved positive balance of incomes and expenses, marks Eurostat.

we Will remind, in April 2010. At the height of the Greek debt crisis Eurostat has reconsidered an estimation of budgetary deficiency of Greece for 2009. From 12,9 % to 13,6 % of gross national product, having warned that the indicator can be reconsidered further in even big party.

in May 2010. Greece has agreed with the European Union and IMF about granting to it the financial help on 110 mlrd euro in the form of the three-year program of crediting under preferential rates - is considerable below market that has helped the country to avoid a sovereign default. Instead of Athena are obliged to spend the radical program of reduction of budgetary deficiency. In October 2010. The Greek government has presented the budget project on 2011., providing reduction of budgetary deficiency to 7 % of gross national product. The specifications of the European Union put by the so-called Maastricht agreement, suppose budgetary deficiency at a rate of no more than 3 % of gross national product.

the auctions Russian ADR on LSE have begun decrease in quotations. Hour after index FTSE Russia IOB tracing change of the prices Russian depozitarnyh of the receipts, has reached a local minimum from the beginning of the auctions. Then dynamics has changed, has started to grow gradually and has won back half of morning losses. To the middle of day dynamics Russian ADR was mainly negative.

by 14:00 Moscow time the most appreciable growth was shown by following papers:

on LSE following papers showed the Greatest decrease in quotations:

Against the negative beginning of the auctions in Europe ascending dynamics of an index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange was replaced by decrease. Nevertheless, after almost hour after movement FTSE Russia IOB the Russian indicator has renewed growth.

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