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The urgent market: players trust in dollar

For a week from November, 8 till November, 13th 2010. The total amount of the auctions in urgent market FORTS has made 895,02 mlrd rbl., or 18,76 million contracts, including 154,14 mlrd rbl. - in evening session. In comparison with previous week the volume of the auctions has increased by 153,81 % in roubles and on 157,62 % in contracts. The total volume of open positions as of last day weeks, on November, 13th, has made 255,97 mlrd rbl., or 6,78 million contracts. The volume of open positions for the specified period has increased by 5,21 % in roubles and 2,29 % in contracts. The quantity of transactions has grown on 151,06 %.

the Last week will be remembered to participants of the urgent market by high liquidity and updating by futures for an index of RTS of the maximum values for two years. Decision FRS accepted during November holidays in Russia became the reason of similar dynamics. Investors in the domestic market in every way tried to make up for the missed movements, as has caused liquidity increase.

leaders on turns of the auctions in the urgent market during a week 8 - became on November, 13th contracts on RTS index. The second place futures for euro pair/ have occupied dollar. On the third position in the meantime there were contracts on pair dollar/ rouble. The fourth and fifth places remained behind futures for actions of the Savings Bank and for papers Gazprom accordingly.

approach of future contracts on RTS index to a mark of 167000 points became significant event of the past week in the urgent market. The optimism caused by decision FRS, has pushed participants of the auctions to mass purchases of these tools. However approach of contracts on RTS index to ukaznomu and remains to level only approach - from a mark of 166915 points (the maximum value for a week and in the last two days) correctional movement of these futures downwards has begun. Fixing have arrived after so long growth proceeded up to first half of Saturday trading session. The minimum value for a week of future contracts on RTS index has been fixed on a mark 159635 points.

in currency sector FORTS interesting enough dynamics in the meantime was observed. The question on what of the basic world currencies is more attractive - dollar or euro became a dilemma for investors. Throughout all week participants of the auctions tried to choose smaller from two harms - dollar after acceptance of the program of quantitative softening to the USA or euro against debt problems in an eurozone. From the beginning of session of Monday, on November, 8th, players have made a choice in favour of the American currency, willingly having handed over level 1,4 dollars/ euro. Definition of the purpose of decrease in pair became the primary goal of investors. Thus doubts concerning weakness of dollar caused time rebounds. After to futures for euro/ the dollar was possible to fall below a mark 1,38, rates of decrease began to fall. As a result of the pair quotation 1,3571 dollars/ euro which became the minimum value for a week have decreased to level.

movement of quotations of future contracts on pair dollar/ rouble past week was essentially beaten out from the general dynamics of the market. Unique similarity was that, as here the American currency as a result has strengthened the positions. The auctions on Monday passed near to a line of resistance of 30900 points, but by the end of day bulls and could not pass this level upwards. However on Tuesday buyers have put more efforts for a capture of this boundary, nevertheless at a contact correctional movement of pair downwards has begun quotations of a mark of 30950 points. The rouble in urgent market FORTS has started to become stronger gradually against the American currency that has allowed futures for this pair to fall to 30650 points. Further the currency of the USA tried to get the best again, but till Thursday the rouble was stronger. This day the future contract for dollar/ the rouble has fallen to the minimum value for a week - 30552 points then forces of rouble have run low - to currency of the USA were possible to overcome again a mark of 30900 points and to finish week near to it. Dynamics of the prices for oil became the Principal cause of such behaviour of the Russian currency.

meanwhile futures for oil of mark Brent on FORTS during the period from November, 8 till November, 13th 2010. Showed raznonapravlennoe movement. Till Thursday of the price raised with variable success, but to name rates of increase high it was impossible. Maximum for a week value of contracts has been fixed also on Thursday - at level 89,84 points. However after that sharp decrease in quotations was observed, up to 86,09 points.
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