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Forecasts of analysts: the market still has growth potential

On Monday, on November, 15th, after appreciable decrease in the session beginning the Russian market has found forces not only to win back losses, but also again to go upwards, to a mark of 1560 points on a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index. In spite of the fact that as a whole the news background remains strained enough, possibilities for continuation of ascending dynamics at the Russian market still are, analysts consider. In case of the publication of positive macrostatistics across the USA growth can support and speculative purchases.

with the beginning of a new trading five-day week the domestic stock market was a little stabilised after falling which was observed in the end of last week, the trader " has noted; Veles the Capital Dmitry Peregudov. Thus, in immediate prospects, according to the expert to expect strong growth or landslide falling of the prices it is not necessary. As a result we can see the lateral dynamics, thus separate actions at domestic stock exchanges are capable to show appreciable growth. The similar situation in the market remains already some time and is enough comfortable - the trader speaks.

however already in two weeks, in its opinion, Prenew Year`s rally can become the basic idea at the auctions. as a whole our sight at stock market remains moderately optimistical. The market does not want to decrease that is the positive factor - D.Peregudov has concluded.

unwillingness of the domestic market to fall, speculative demand in separate liquid papers and gradual restoration of the prices at raw stock exchanges adjust that can go to the Russian indexes nearest couple of days above, the head of analytical service " believes; Ah Ti Invest - the Prospectus Alexander Potavin. How much above, will depend on a situation in the American share market, the leaving statistics and a state of affairs on currency platforms. There is a sensation that the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index can quite reach a mark of 1575 points where we recommend to leave again in a cache - has noted A.Potavin.

the Expert Paradise, Man end Mountains sekjuritiz Karen Isadzhanjan believes that in the domestic market price levels were comfortable enough gradually to start to form portfolios and to get actions at the good price if earlier there was no such possibility. The expert optimistically estimates immediate prospects of the market and considers that share indexes should rise on higher marks.

trader IK Fajnenshl the Bridge Phillip Lysenko too expects that within the next few days the Russian share market can be pulled on higher levels after decrease last week. After that it is possible to expect consolidation on the reached marks in expectation of any new important data which can shift the market in this or that party - has concluded F.Lysenko.

in turn analyst GK Broco Eve Bogova expects in the long term moderate lateral motion. debt problems of an eurozone in a combination to a little productive results of summits G20 and ATES form at intermediate term investors the careful approach to the further reckless purchases - she speaks. In short-term prospect, according to the expert, it is possible to expect speculative growth against an exit better expectations of the macroeconomic data of the American statistics in the form of industrial production and consumer price index indicators.
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