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Eurobonds: the external background was ambiguous

the External background to the beginning of new trading week was ambiguous. The positive from Japan, connected with very good data about gross national product growth in III quarter, smoothes out uncertain prospects of the further growth and a negative from China. Besides it, the situation with help acceptance by Ireland remains not clear and puts pressure upon a spirit of investors, mark in Bank of Moscow.

profitableness of the Russian sovereign papers Russia - 30 since morning on Monday, on November, 15th, would raise on 4. The item - to 4,32 % godovoyh. Profitableness UST - 10 has continued confident growth and for morning of Monday made 2,83 %. The spread between Russia - 30 and UST - 10 has slightly extended - to 149 items

According to experts UFS Investment Company, faster falling of the Russian market of eurobonds concerning the markets of many developing countries shows that investors on - former consider the Russian papers, as the actives having risk above the average level of risk on EM.

current week will spend placing of eurobonds Gazprom . The loan volume will make nearby 1 mlrd dollars, bonds will be let out for the term of more than five years. Exact reference points on profitableness and terms of the reference of papers become known on Tuesday - environment.

Besides, most likely, and MKB Prospective profitableness of placing will close the transaction on placing of eurobonds for the sum from 150 million dollars makes now 9,5 %. This cost of a loan is fair and does not give the award to the secondary market.

experts IFD Kapital Decrease in their profitableness already expect within the next few days and on - former do not exclude return to the price levels previous QE2. The bases for such dynamics, besides technical pereprodannosti, is low inflation in the USA, a pause in placings of coupon papers and realisation of the second stage of quantitative softening monetary - the credit policy.
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