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In sector ADR dynamics

On Monday, on November, 15th was observed raznonapravlennaja, the auctions Russian ADR at the London stock exchange (LSE) have begun decrease in quotations. However soon sales have stopped, and the majority of papers has started to restore the lost positions. Positive influence on a spirit of investors was rendered by corporate news, increase of cost of oil, and also small growth of the Russian and European share indexes. The auctions by actions in the USA have opened growth of leading indicators. The positive spirit of players has been partly connected with an exit statdannyh on the American economy, the analysts who have surpassed forecasts. Nevertheless by the end of day many domestic papers and could not win back morning losses and were closed in “ a minus “. Index FTSE Russia IOB which pays off on the basis of dynamics depozitarnyh receipts of 15 Russian companies largest on full market capitalisation addressing at the London stock exchange, has gone down on 0,29 % and has finished session on a mark 907,4 points.
GDR “ the transcontainer “ have decreased on 0,58 % - to 7,66 dollars During IPO Open Society “ the Transcontainer “ Open Society “ the Russian railways “ (Russian Railway) has involved 388 million dollars, the president of the Russian Railway Vladimir Yakunin has informed during a working meeting with premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Demand has exceeded the offer approximately on 30 %. We will remind, on November, 9th 2010ใ. “ the Transcontainer “ has spent primary public placing of actions. The placing price for one action “ the Transcontainer “ within the limits of IPO has made 80 dollars, for GDR (global depozitarnuju the receipt) - 8 dollars Thus 10 GDR certify the rights concerning one action. In particular, transport group FESCO during IPO has got 12,5 % of an authorised capital stock “ the Transcontainer “ for the sum of 138,9 million dollars At the London stock exchange the auctions global depozitarnymi on ordinary actions (GDR) the companies have begun receipts on November, 12th.
receipts “ Gazprom “ have fallen in the price for 0,49 %. A concern gain on RSBU for nine months 2010ใ. Has increased by 10,8 % - with 1,793 trln rbl. year before to 1,988 trln rbl. the Total profit has grown in 1,3 times - to 1,094 trln rbl. with 824,286 mlrd rbl., the profit on sales has risen in 1,7 times - to 527,933 mlrd rbl. with 314,111 mlrd rbl., the profit to the taxation has grown in 1,6 times - to 420,265 mlrd rbl. with 263,131 mlrd rbl. year before. Open Society “ Gazprom “ in 2010ใ. Plans to extract nearby 515 mlrd cubic m of gas. Thus in the beginning of April of this year head “ Gazprom “ Alexey Miller said that the concern plans to extract in 2010ใ. 529 mlrd cubic M of gas instead of earlier planned 521 mlrd cubic m. Decrease in the forecast of extraction on 2010ใ. “ Gazprom “ explains “ falling of demand for gas on internal and the foreign gas markets, the caused decrease in rates of industrial production as a result of world financially - an economic crisis “.
Papers NOVATEKa have gone up in price on 0,38 %. Net profit NK on RSBU for nine months 2010ใ. Has increased by 56 % - to 20,966 mlrd rbl. with 13,441 mlrd rbl. the Gain has grown in 1,4 times - to 73,888 mlrd rbl. with 54,454 mlrd rbl. year before.
Open Society Gain “ Gazprom oil “ on RSBU for nine months 2010ใ. Has increased by 17,5 % - to 433,646 mlrd rbl. with 369,186 mlrd rbl. year before. The total profit has increased by 4 % - to 103,117 mlrd rbl. with 96,197 mlrd rbl. the Profit on sales was reduced to 0,2 % - to 59,317 mlrd rbl. with 59,43 mlrd rbl., the profit to the taxation has fallen to 6,2 % - to 50,2 mlrd rbl. with 53,526 mlrd rbl. Year before. As it was informed earlier, net profit “ oil Gazprom “ on RSBU for nine months 2010ใ. Has made 40,024 mlrd rbl. that on 6 % there is less than indicator year before, made 42,638 mlrd rbl. of the Paper of the company have gone up in price on 1,67 %.
GDR Evraz have fallen to 1,7 %, despite the message that its gain under the international standards of accounting for nine months 2010ใ. Has made 9,729 mlrd dollars It on 36,7 % above, than an indicator for the similar period 2009ใ., when the gain made 7,118 mlrd dollars the Consolidated indicator EBITDA has made 1,766 mlrd dollars that twice exceeds an indicator 2009ใ., the made 874 million dollars Profitability on EBITDA in the accounting period has reached 18,2 %. The general debt of the company as of September, 30th of this year has made 7,851 mlrd dollars, including short-term loans and a current part of long-term debts in volume 1,373 mlrd dollars Capital expenses of the company have made 584 million dollars
Negatively the auctions have come to the end and for GDR “ Uralkalija “ (- 0,56 %). The company has made decision to keep a price level of the second half of the year 2010ใ. For deliveries of potash fertilizers directly to the Russian agricultural manufacturers in the first half of the year 2011ใ. - 4,25 thousand rbl./ t (FCA, without the VAT, unpacked). We will remind that in March 2010ใ. “ Uralkaly “ has made the decision on reduction of price on chloride potassium for the Russian agricultural manufacturers with 4,55 to 4,25 thousand rbl./ t till the end of the first half of the year 2010ใ. Then the company has decided to keep reduced prices for an agrocomplex in the second half of the year 2010ใ.
Gain MMK under the Russian standards of accounting for nine months 2010ใ. Has increased in 1,5 times and has made 149 mlrd 74,2 million rbl. About it it is told in the company report. Thus the industrial complex cost price has increased in 1,6 times - to 120,109 mlrd rbl. The total profit has raised on 15,5 % - to 28,965 mlrd rbl., the profit to the taxation has decreased for 23 % - to 18,991 mlrd rbl. Long-term obligations of the company for the accounting period have increased on 65,6 % and for September, 30th of this year have made 69,861 mlrd rbl., short-term have increased by 42,6 % - to 38,905 mlrd rbl. As was already informed, net profit MMK on RSBU for nine months 2009ใ. Has decreased on 23,8 % - to 15,181 mlrd rbl. of Receipt MMK have added 0,77 %.
In the beginning of the American session papers Vimpelัom (+1,55 %) used demand. Board of directors VimpelSom Ltd. Has made the decision on payment of intermediate dividends at a rate of 0,46 dollars on one American depozitarnuju the action (ADA) for a total sum about 600 million dollars Intermediate dividends are paid according to dividendnoj a company policy, thus at calculation of the size of paid intermediate dividends results of activity of the Russian affiliated company of Open Society " have been considered; Vympelcom “ for last three months 2009ใ. “.
MTS Papers at the auctions in New York in the session beginning have fallen in price on 0,86 %, despite news that net profit of the operator under the Russian standards of accounting for nine months 2010ใ. In comparison with the similar period 2009ใ. Has increased by 30,8 % - to 35 mlrd 128 million 728 thousand rbl.
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