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Arbitration transactions: market jerk any more behind mountains

the Russian actions on Monday, on November, 14th, on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange were consolidated, at the auctions by receipts in London there was no uniform dynamics. It was as a result observed raznonapravlennoe change of interexchange price spreads: in the market have appeared both potential leaders of growth, and possible outsiders.

receipts RusGidro on LSE its actions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange, on 2 % are estimated above, than. At the Savings Bank this indicator makes 0,9 %, at Rosneft - 0,8 %, at NLMK - 0,5 %.

At the same time in the market there are also outsiders: GDR Akron in London cost cheaper, than actions in Moscow, on 4,1 %, Rostelecom - on 3,4 %, Tatneft - on 1 %, MMK - on 0,9 %, Polymetal - on 0,8 %.

Thus, the market starts to be stabilised. Participants of the auctions wait for a signal from the outside to start active actions. On the one hand, time for start of New Year`s rally already approaches, with another - problems in Europe can flash with new force at any moment. This uncertainty can last during some period, however powerful movement any more behind mountains.
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