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Precious metals: gold and silver save forces before start

Official spotovye the prices for precious metals following the results of session on Monday, on November, 14th, in New York have changed raznonapravlenno and have made: on gold - 1780,3 dollars/ ounce (- 0,46 %), silver - 34,34 dollars/ ounce (- 1,12 %), platinum - 1647 dollars/ ounce (- 0,06 %), a palladium - 668 dollars/ ounce (+1,07 %).

Though the prices for precious metals the day before basically have decreased, it is necessary to notice that from the technical point of view on the gold and silver schedule there is a picture, when the prices give before jerk upwards. If gold overcomes a mark 1800 dollars/ ounce, and silver - 36 dollars/ ounce, it becomes powerful technical signals to purchases. During the nearest time in the market of precious metals it is necessary to expect volatilnogo bokovika .

On Tuesday, on November, 15th, at 8:00 Moscow time futures for gold were on a mark 1779,23 dollars/ ounce (+0,05 %), silver - 34,17 dollars/ ounce (+0,43 %), platinum - 1647 dollars/ ounce (+0,17 %), a palladium - 665,55 dollars/ ounce (+0,18 %).
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