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Banks of the Peoples Republic of China can suffer bad losses at several risks

to the Largest commercial banks of the Peoples Republic of China system risks in case of development of the adverse scenario which simultaneously includes credit and currency crises, and also crisis in the real estate market threaten. The bank system of the Peoples Republic of China can successfully resist to each of these events separately, but at realisation of the elements set forth above simultaneously the Chinese credit organisations get to a danger zone. About it it is told in the report of the International currency fund, devoted to an estimation of financial stability of the Chinese bank system.
according to experts of IMF, China can lower risks in case will agree on the big openness of the financial market and will weaken control, and investors, on the contrary, will receive the big freedom.
In spite of the fact that tone of the document of IMF does not testify to immediate approach of accident, experts of the organisation nevertheless specify in necessity of the urgent actions directed on the prevention of development bubbles (first of all in the real estate market).
Corresponding conclusions experts of IMF have made by results of the analysis stress - tests of 17 largest banks of the Peoples Republic of China. The report in which 29 recommendations about the prevention of development of an adverse situation contain, has been prepared by experts of IMF in cooperation with representatives of the Central Bank of the Peoples Republic of China and body regulating bank activity in June 2011., but it is published only in November.